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I wet my pants in school

JackBossJackBoss Posts: 1 Literally just got here
My name is Jack, I'm 13 years old and I'm in year 9. Something really horrible happened to me in school last week and as you can tel from the title I ended up wetting my pants in the middle of class.

I've never liked using the toilet in school because they're not very clean and I don't like using them when they're full of other kids.

I particularly don't like using urinals and find it impossible to wee if there is someone else standing next to me even if I'm really desperate so I try to avoid using them wherever possible.

I can't use the stalls either as if you go in there everyone thinks you're going for a poo and it's obviously an unwritten rule that you never do a poo at school. 

Therefore I normally just put off going to the toilet until I get home by which time I'm always really desperate or asking to go in class when they're not that busy, this has meant i've gotten a bit of a reputation as being someone who's always asking to go to the toilet in class and a couple of teachers have started not letting me go. 

I was in my history class that was immediately after lunch. As it was quite hot I'd had already drank three bottles of water and therefore already needed a wee quite badly with two hours of lessons and a half hour walk home before I'd be able to use the toilet. I've been able to hold on before so I just felt nothing of it. 

About half an hour into the class I became really desperate, I'd had the same teacher before and he was really strict and I was stupidly to afraid to put my hand up. 

I was trembling with fear, I wet myself in primary school about 5 years ago but here I was in high school, where I'm far to old for stuff like this to be happening about to wet my pants like a little kid. 

When it eventually happened it was horrible. I started to wee, I desperately tried to stop but couldn't until what must of been over a minute by which time i was sat in a puddle and a large amount had gotten on the floor.

I'd gone red and started crying. I was taken out of class with everyone laughing at me as I was walked out by another teacher the had had to be called in to help with the situation.

Luckily we were supposed to have PE in the next lesson so I was able to change into my PE kit before my mum (who had been called) picked me up and took me home early. 

As this happened on Friday I'm terrified that I'm going to be bullied for this. I've already had messages on social media mocking me for this and am terrified that I'll lose friends and no one will want to talk to me. 
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  • independent_independent_ Resident Coffee Addict ScotlandPosts: 7,308 Master Poster

    I think it’s really understandable that you’re embarrassed, that’s ok. Kids can be very cruel and really unkind to others when they have those moments of embarrassment and vulnerability. 

    If you haven’t already, you could try speaking to your mum about how you’re feeling about going into school tomorrow? You could also try speaking to one of your teachers, or asking one of your parents to do this for you if you’d rather. 

    Take care of yourself, being embarrassed about something is awful 
    “Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”
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    Hey Jack, welcome to the mix pal! 

    Firstly I just want to say that I’m so sorry you had to experience this. I can’t imagine how horrible the situation must’ve been for you but you’re so brave to open up and to seek support on here, I’m sure that will receive some great responses.

    I can relate when you say that you hate using the toilets at school. Like you, I try to hold it until I can get home.  I’m pretty certain that other people will be feeling this way too so please don’t feel alone in that.

    At school I have a pass which says that I can go to the toilet up to 3 times in each lesson without having to worry about the teacher saying no. I don’t have bladder issues, I just prefer to pee in a quiet bathroom when everyone else is still in class. Do you think that if you asked, you’d be able to have a toilet pass? You could explain your worries about going to the toilet and how having to hold it all day is proving difficult.  

    I’m 13 and in year 9 (secondary 3) too. I know that people in our year group can be cruel but nobody has the right to mock or bully you. If you lose friends over this, know that they weren’t real friends. It’s easier said than done but take whatever is said to you on the chin, report it to a member of staff and in time, people will bore of the jokes. 

    If people decide that they don’t want to talk to you just because you had an accident then more fool them. Keep being yourself and nobody can ask anything more of you. 

    Please don’t be embarrassed. Once, during football practise I laughed so hard at my friend falling over the football that I peed myself on the pitch. People laughed, I laughed with them. It still gets brought up every now and again as banter but find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in this :)

    Keep posting, we’re all here for you. 

  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 958 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi Jack, welcome to the mix!

    Well done for reaching out about this, you did really well. Feeling embarrassed is a horrible feeling, and I totally understand how daunting it can feel to go back to school after something like this happens. So I'm really thankful you reached out so that we can support you - you deserve it. 

    Would you like to know something? When I was a similar age to you, this same thing happened to me! So I totally get you, you feel like the only person that this has ever happened to at this age, but you're really not :heart: I had a kidney infection at the time, which nobody knew about as I was still getting tests to diagnose it, and a symptom of that was needing to pee allllll the time. I was constantly asking to go to the loo during lessons, and one day when my teacher said no it was only a few seconds until I ran out crying because I physically couldn't hold it. It felt super embarrassing and I was terrified to go to school the next day. But do you know what? I was fine. I had people asking me if I was okay, and I explained to them I just had some medical issue at the moment and they were all really sympathetic. You obviously don't have to explain yourself, but if anybody did ask, you could always just say it happened for personal reasons - they won't ask what and it doesn't matter what :heart:
    Others just didn't say anything - whether they were taking about me or not I don't know, but it never became a big thing. Kids can be so cruel and it's so sad to hear they were laughing at you/messaging you, but they also forget about things very quickly. Something new will happen soon, there's always stuff going on at school, and it will be old news :smile:

    If when you go back people are mean to you, then I agree with @Liam, fool them! They're not the people you need in your life. And if you would find comfort in talking to at teacher at the beginning of the school day to explain your worries, I'm sure they can work with you to make it as comfortable as possible. It's their duty to make sure you feel comfortable and supported in school :smile:

    Sorry for the long message, the point I'm trying to make is that you're really not alone in this (hey, happened to both Liam and I right, 2/3 of the replies can relate!), it may not be as bad as you think, and the teachers are there to support you regardless. Good luck - you've got this :smile:

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