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paint pt2

joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
i'm learning how to paint and it's starting to be good ^^ and 
everything always goes ^^


  • RileyRiley Posts: 877 Super Moderator
    Hey there @joya just to say I've moved your thread over to the Creative subforum just so that it'll fit in a bit better. :) I have to say though your paintings is incredible! I'm not much of an artist myself so I'm always blown away by seeing how much talent everyone on the boards have. Hope you keep us updated with how your painting is going.
  • joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    @Riley oh, thank you! i was a little confuse on where i could post this ^^ and again, thank you for the compliment!!!!
    everything always goes ^^
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