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I am confused about my Mental Health because I think I have depression and anxiety but the more I think of it the more I feel like I need help.
TheMix has helped me realise that I am not alone in just a short amount of time.
I guess making friend online is easier than making friends IRL 'cause you are behind a screen and no-one can tell what you look like or who you are and if they don't want to be friends then you can just block them or not go on that website.

Thank you TheMix for helping me.


  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 8,148 Boards Champion
    Hey. It's understandable to be confused. Its so hard to make friends in real life do you have much communication with people other than online? Friends online can be good but sometimes we all need that connection with someone offline. Youre defo not alone and I'm glad you know that <3 
    Stop imagining fake scenarios and hurting your own feelings 
  • Han93Han93 EnglandPosts: 245 The Mix convert
    We're all here for you @Catherine0w0

    Have you spoken to your GP or another professional about how you've been feeling? It's a really big step for you to admit that you think you might need help so I just want to say you should be really proud of yourself and I definitely recommend you seeking a professional to talk through your feelings with <3
  • Jade09Jade09 EnglandPosts: 510 Moderator
    Hey there @Catherine0w0 It's positive to hear that The Mix has helped you to feel like you aren't along, but it sounds like your'e struggling at the moment so sending big hugs!  <3

    As @Han93 mentioned have you felt able to speak to your GP or any family about how you are feeling? It can be helpful to have that little bit of extra support.  :)

    It's understandable that you may feel that making friends online is easier, is making friends in real life something you find difficult?  <3
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