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More and more problems..

NekolovesteaNekolovestea Posts: 57 Boards Initiate
So in addition to all of my problems I have had for a long time now, I just learned that my dad lost his job, and my parents want to divorce. Summer holidays are coming and I'll probably be bored again, I can't see my friend, we won't have much money left, which means we will have to move to a cheaper flat. I just feel like crap, and to be fully honest, since it was already not going really good in my life before, now I just feel like dying,, life doesn't want me to get better...
“You must see with eyes unclouded by hate. See the good in that which is evil, and the evil in that which is good. Pledge yourself to neither side, but vow instead to preserve the balance that exists between the two.” 
-Hayao Miyazaki


  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,935 Extreme Poster
    Aww hey,

    So sorry to hear this:( I'd be feeling very stressed and even worse if I was in a position like yours. It's understandable you feel like crap <3

    It sounds like life isn't being fair to you right now (or in general so far). Though I will offer a gentle reminder... It, and you, will get better. I believe you've got plenty of fun and success ahead you. And if you've lost it, you can find your will to live again. Not to mention, you seem like a really nice guy, and I think the world needs those amazing people.

    We're here for you, and are here to listen if you want to talk more about everything.

    Stay strong <3
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