Does anyone have BPD and hear voices? I’ve struggled with this since 18 but lately I’ve been feeling incredibly paranoid as well as hearing voices and apparently delusions too. I’m seeing things and also smelling unpleasant smells. I’m depressed and have been for months but I feel it’s just put down to the bpd and will ‘come out of it in a few days’ says the pd team. Does anyone else feel that due to the stigma surrounding BPD, their other symptoms that aren’t related are just put down to it anyway?


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    Hey :)

    I do, though they think the voices are related to my C-PTSD instead of my BPD... Have your team suggested anything to help with the voices like medication? I get very negative voices and something I've been told to do is to challenge them (easier said than done I know) but it does hep sometimes.

    I constantly feel like my other problems are being put don't to my mental illness even when its a physical complaint that I know isn't related but something I have found helpful is sticking to my GP about physical stuff and my team about me mental health, I know that wouldn't work for you if both your problems are mental health related, they can be related, but all I can say if keep on at them, they will eventually listen if your sure it's not part of your BPD <3
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    I dont think its the stigma thats doing that. Hearing vioces and delusions are symptoms of BPD. But i understand the feeling of things being disregaurd & not taken seriously
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    Thank you for your comments ☺️☺️ I know under severe stress you can hear voices but delusions and psychosis aren’t actually apart of the bpd criteria, unless it’s changed? That’s why I get so confused with professionals telling me it’s apart of it , then some telling me it isn’t and assessed but that’s as far as I get. 
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    Youre welcome! Sorry am not too helpful but always here to listen anyway.

    & If you read this NHS page. Being psycotic is a symptom and it goes into detail about the vioces and delusions parts.

    i also have BPD but never been psycotic. Only on drugs lol. But i do understand how it can feel for smyptoms to not be taken seriously. Because i told them how depressed i feel and they would say its BPD and will feel better soon. So only treat bpd implusives and ignore my depressive feelings. But i know feeling depressed is a symptom of BPD but i also know i have depression too.. If that makes sense. So even if a symptom of bpd you can still definelty keep bringing it up and say you need more help with this specifically. 
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    Definitely makes sense! Hope you’re ok? And thank you for the link :) 
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    I hear voices and see things too. I have some sort of psychosis apparently.
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