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Hello everyone!

I guess I go by 3 names. My real name (Lee), And my 2 nicknames (Silent and Syrin)

Most recently I haven't been able to go to school due to heartbreak and losing friends. I want to explain, but I'm kinda scared. Like, losing friends too. When you lose friends, it sucks. Any help with this would be awesome.

Oh, and I should say hi to everyone. I'm hoping we can all get along and stuff, and hey, maybe I can make a friend or two here!



  • EyepatchEyepatch Smol Bean Posts: 665 Incredible Poster
    Welcome to the Mix :) 

    Which name would you prefer, Is okay to use Silent? As its in your forum name here. You can call me Eyepatch or Patches :P 

    Everyone here is friendly so feel free to make a post about what you are going thought and we will try to help as best we can. Loosing friends can be a very lonely experience, its great you have come here to try and find people to talk to about the tough time you are going though. 

    Make a post, comment or message anyone here if you want to :) 
    "Sometimes we find ourselves stuck between choosing what is right, and what is easy." 
  • CXSilentCXSilent Posts: 7 Newbie
    I gotcha.

    It's relaxing to be here, there's a thing of serenity here. It feels really peaceful. Also, yeah, feel free to call me Silent.

    Generally speaking, right now, my ex-girlfriend is kinda annoyed at me for seemingly no reason. And I guess I'm trying to overcome suicidal thoughts too: I guess I'm finding a home from home. But yeah, I can tell this community is going to be fun to be interacting with.

    Also, thanks Patches. It feels good to have someone actually answer my topic. I'm usually a negative thinker, so thanks. Gonna be using The Mix a lot.
  • EyepatchEyepatch Smol Bean Posts: 665 Incredible Poster
    Have you asked her why she might be feeling this way? Perhaps she just needs some space, as for your thoughts you can always call the mix helpline or the Samaritans, or go to a GP and let them know about the negative thoughts you are having. 

    Yeah I really like the Mix, Try to stay positive, and if you have trouble doing that you can always come here and find support :) 

    "Sometimes we find ourselves stuck between choosing what is right, and what is easy." 
  • CXSilentCXSilent Posts: 7 Newbie
    Yeah, I'm gonna give her space anyways. Maybe just let things cool off for a bit, and stay happy. Hopefully in a few weeks or even shorter she'll be alright. So yeah, thanks for the support anyways!
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 12,315 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Hey Silent

    sounds like going through soemthing stressful & lonely. :(
    Lovely people on this site who maybe offer some of their support too

    Hope youre enjoying it here
    Apologise for your mistakes not your feelings. 
  • CXSilentCXSilent Posts: 7 Newbie
    Enjoying it a lot here, just gonna flick through some more chats or something to make me feel a little like myself again. Try not to leave me out, I'm kinda lonely and get lonely and anxious easy so ;-;.
  • MikeMike 🖥️🎧 LandaanPosts: 3,252 Community Manager
    Welcome to the community, @CXSilent! Glad you found us. :) 

    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
  • CXSilentCXSilent Posts: 7 Newbie
    I was actually reccomended this site, I can really let loose on my emotions.

    Speaking of which, I'm going through a seriously harsh time now. I have a Girlfriend who needs time alone, but she badmouthed me unintentionally which made me feel horrible inside (Stuff like I don't love you any more and I don't care about you). My friends soon picked up on this and decided to side with her, or that's what it feels like, telling me they want to split up with me scaring me pretty badly. Right now, all I wanna be is better and I'm just scared for the future right now. I've not had a proper night's sleep in a week or so, being kept up at night with actual suicidal thoughts and really bad depression telling me it was my fault and things. Like, I'm just scared and frightened to even talk. I've really become a shut-in again, since I'm too scared to go outside right now. But yeah, that's about it really. I'm clingy too, so that may be why?
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 12,315 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    i dont think this nessacrly means youre too clingy. Being told that someone doesnt love us can hurt and feel rejected. But it doesnt make that your fault, its how they feel. Maybe all She actually need is some time alone to recharge & maybe theyre just stressed & sometimes space and time alone can help anyone, whether they like the other person or not. As they maybe woukd of tried to break that relatinship not say time alone. So maybe she didnt nessicariy mean them things. But even so whether someone loves you or not- you have to actknowledge their feeling - but it also doesnt make you a bad person or at fault But im so sorry it has got you feeling suicidal :( please remember this is temporary and youre able to get better.  do you know why youre scared to go outside?

    hope youre okay
    Apologise for your mistakes not your feelings. 
  • CXSilentCXSilent Posts: 7 Newbie
    Let's see...

    It's been a common fear of mine for being independent. I guess it's just how people stare at me outside as if I'm indifferent, yet I've done nothing (if that makes sense). I guess I'm petrified to be different, so I kinda force myself to be like that.

    Oh, and also I kinda wanna just forget stuff happened and move on. Think just chatting with her about it might help in time, set a date or something. But I wanna see how she is before I go for it. But first, sadly, I wanna get myself better.
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