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Sudden sense of dread?

First of all I'm not even sure if I'm in the right forums but whatever, the reason I'm here is because I've been experiencing sudden waves of anxiety and dread. Earlier today for example, I was in class and all of a sudden everything was annoying me, and I had suddenly terrible anxiety and other stuff that's hard to explain, I nearly stood up and smashed my laptop against the wall. In the past when this has happened I generally just skip school and go drink or smoke. Other things that seem to calm me down could be climbing somewhere illegally or fighting. I know it sounds strange but I'm all over the place and am struggling to keep a chain of thought. At first I thought it was a panic attack although I've never had one before. When I looked up symptoms of panic attacks I only could match myself to one, sudden dread. So what am I too do? What is this? And how can I better control my emotions?


  • MirabelleMirabelle Owl Whisperer Kensington.Posts: 1,020 The Mix Regular
    Hi @Iamfryity and welcome to the boards! It's lovely to have you here. :)

    This unexpected overhwelming feeling of dread though often associated with anxiety might be because your blood sugars were low from not having enough breakfast. In our rush to get to school we gobble down a bowl of cereal and out of the door we fly. A few hours on and our sugar levels peak - to suddenly drop, making us feel panicky. Might your having insufficient breakfast be a possibilty? But to handle a sudden wave of anxiety can be controlled by taking some deep breaths. This is what I do....

    I take a long, slow breath in through my nose, first filling my lower lungs, then my upper lungs.
    I hold my breath and slowly count 1-2-3.
    Then I exhale slowly through partly c,losed lips, while slackening my shoulders to relax them.

    Controlling your breathing this way helps bring anxiety right down!

    Trying to overcome other confusing feelings by drinking will only form habit later on and then you may find yourself dependent on alchol, so it's best left alone.

    There is another breathing technique I use that could be helpful. This is a relaxation technique that I use when stressed. I particularly like the colour green; it helps relax me.

    Choose a word or a phase. Example: Lake; Sea; River; Blue sky; Green fields as far as the eye can see; Twilight.

    Sit quietly in a relaxing and comfortable position, close your eyes and relax your muscles. Breath slowly, repeating your focus word(s) in your mind as you exhale. If everyday thoughts intrude, let them go and return and continue this for ten to twenty minutes.

    I use these breathing techniques t any time when feeling suddenly anxious, and each time I remember that I managed to endure the last fright-and-flight feelinng, so becoming stronger. So try these and stoke yourself up with a better breakfast. It will defo help.

    Everyone here is so lovely and supportive, so do feel free to enjoy the forums.

    Wishing you all the best,

    'If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance'.

    - Howard Gardner
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 13,256 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Hey! Welcome
    Seems like you’re in the right place for what you’re talking about. Have you spoke to anyone about how you have been feeling? A trusted friend or family maybe or your doctor maybe ? Cause Sounds like is affecting you a lot. As mirablle says there’s is some breathing stuff that may help. And self soothing techniques and mindfulness like focusing on detail of things to calm down

    Normally there is some trigger or cause towards it.Maybe next time you could try work out why you feel like that,, like what’s going on and how makes you feel? Which may also help to rationalise and feel calmer. Alcohol can actually cause anxiety. Even though at the time it may feel like is helping anxiety. Hope you can find healthy ways to manage.
  • FranFran Posts: 118 Boards Initiate
    Hey Iamfryty!!! Welcome!

    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I have had the same experience so I know how hard and overwhelming it can be. Mirabelle is absolutely right: starting from controlling your breath is definitely useful to start relaxing a little bit. At first some exercise is required as it would seem forced, but it slowly gets easier.
    There are some mindfulness techniques that can be really useful: they are some exercises that help you start meditating, such as focusing on your breath and inspiring a great quantity of air before exhaling.
    Another useful practice is finding something that immediately help you distract. For example, turn your music on, or scroll a social media page just to "switch your brain off" for a while. You can start thinking about what worries you after some time, but immediately after experiencing this feeling I find it useful to just distract as best as I can (I know it's hard, but in those moments it's a helpful reaction).
    These are all things that help you in a short term. It' also essential to consider that experiencing this feelings means being living a hard time, so, in order to feel better, you need to consider a long term, too.
    Talking about what causes your anxiety might be really hard, but in the end it's what helps you make your thoughts flow and you start feeling better. The person you talk to could be anyone you trust or feel comfortable with, as well as someone external as a professional (a therapist, a counsellor...you could ask your GP for some names).

    Let us know how you feel,

    - Fran
  • PuffinEthicsPuffinEthics Posts: 74 Moderator
    Hi there Iamfryty,

    Thanks for sharing this, the health and wellbeing forum is exactly the right place for this post.

    It sounds like your going through a really tough time. You've explained it really well, it can be difficult to express the way your feeling. I've felt a similar feeling and describing it as a wave is very accurate.

    In terms of what can help, you could have a look at this information on anxiety here:
    or here: https://www.anxietyuk.org.uk/

    Shaunie is right in saying that alcohol has negative affects for anxiety. Diet and lifestyle plays a big role in mental health, not getting enough sleep can really affect your wellbeing, so anything that disrupts sleep and the balance of the body - like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, drugs etc, could just make things worse. There's more information on the link I gave you about that but also some information about food and mood here :

    I find that reading about things can be helpful, but not always, so there's other options. Talking for me is one that helps a lot.

    Posting on here has been a big step, so well done. You could see if you feel ready to speak to your family or friends about how your feeling, or just someone you know and trust like a teacher, would be a good next step, which Fran mentioned. Making an appointment to see your GP is another option, they are there to look after your mental health as well as your physical health, you can do this on your own or with the help of someone you trust and your GP can advise you on ways to deal with what your going through specifically. You could also seek counselling services near you through using the mix's http://stepfinder.org/ app.

    I know exactly what you mean when you say you can't keep chain of thought, I really do. It's not a nice feeling, it makes me feel like I'm not in control of my brain.
    So, please know that you aren't alone in feeling like that.

    Personally, when I'm feeling anxious, I just try and get good sleep, do a bit of exercise, don't drink any alcohol, eat healthily and drink lots of water. Another big part of coping, for me, is being around people you love and trust, and doing things that make you happy. Just watching a good film, or something.

    I hope some of that was helpful for you, let me know how you get on? And if you have any other questions?
    I'm here to listen.

    Thanks for sharing, and reaching out.

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