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What's everyone's opinion on the latest developments around the Trump administration and Russia?

To summarise, Donald Trump Jr recently Tweeted a transcript of an email conversation he had with a Russian lawyer during the US election campaign last year. The email conversation shows that the two of them arranged to meet with the pretext of the Russian lawyer having information about Hillary Clinton that could help Donald Trump's campaign.

Opinion on what this actually means seems pretty divided. Some are saying it's evidence of colluding with a foreign government, some are pointing out that that's not technically in violation of the US constitution, and some are straight up saying it doesn't mean anything because no information ended up changing hands as their meeting.

What do people think? :chin:
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    I'm interested in world news, so please don't think I'm thread bumping...

    Hmm, life at The White House has certainly moved on since Hilary Clinton had her emails hacked, but nothing concrete came out of that. In one of his Tweets way back then, Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. I have nothing to do with Russia." and the national press went quiet until Michael Flynn's lying to the FBI became news and Hilary went as quiet as a mouse.

    Since then, Flynn, ex-national security advisor was charged with making a false statement to the FBI, and investigation got underway though the national press have gone quiet on it - yet again - and got interested again when Trump began causing divisions between Jerusalem and the Palestinians. Up to then we've had weeks of watching that phuquewit courting a nuclear war with North Korea, worrying everyone, so I'm wondering if we'll be seeing war between the two nations as the Jews begin celebrating Hanukkah, all but 4 days away? Presently, riots are happening at the West Bank after Donald Trump officially announced that the US now recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    This baby-fingered, schoolyard bully of a president likes causing division. He's upset nations including Britain, and 2018 may see a state visit to London by the wretched man. But what else have we to look forward to in the next four years of Trump's lunatic presidency?
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    The thing that worries me the most is that this is all being shown through Twitter, to be honest. The whole Trump-Twitter relationship really concerns me. Very embarrassing means of communication for the leader of America & family & co to be using.
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    I find the more concerning Washington/Russia issue to be the sale of Uranium One to Russia, as that's 20% of US nuclear material sold to Russia, which was likley sold to North Korea after. Why is nobody held accountable for this?
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