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Hey everyone

James_James_ NoobPosts: 21 Confirmed not a robot
I've been feeling really bored and kinda lonely over the past months, especially with the summer holidays, i have my GCSE exams next year and i want to get good grades (partly because i'd get kicked out if i dont) but i just don't feel motivated with constant tiredness and staying inside most of the holidays so far. I don't really know why i'm doing this but if anyone wants to talk or try and tell me how to stop feeling constant bordem and loneliness then please reply. I hope you guys are all having a great summer though and if anyone of you have done GCSEs and got decent grades then i'd love to hear how you revised and kept motivated :)


  • AbigailAbigail Carer/musician Posts: 704 Incredible Poster
    Hey James_

    How are you feeling after typing that out? I sat my GCSEs and i did struggle to stay motivated as its a new thing and year 11 is such a big step i undersatnd.
    You said you was feeling lonely and haven't been out much is there a reason why? Sometimed going for a little walk round a park or sound the block where you live might help. Schools start back in 2 week if I'm no mistaken so its not long now.

    Here if you would like to talk or ask any questions

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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey James, I also have my GCSEs this coming school year as well. If you are bored and lonely try and do stuff you enjoy or meet your school friends. I'm always here to talk to if you would like.
  • James_James_ Noob Posts: 21 Confirmed not a robot
    Hey Abigail

    I have been out three times in the past week with friends or family and but I don't think it would matter if I went out 6 days a week because I still feel like shit whenever I'm in my room alone and not doing anything. I'm constantly tired (probably because I stayed up until 2 to watch game of thrones) but even when I go to sleep early I feel the same when waking up. Also I can't be bothered with revision for my GCSEs as I have no interest in any subject apart from history. Just wondering how you did revise for your GCSEs though because every method I've done never improves my grades which is probably why I have a lack of motivation.

    Thank you for talking, James
  • MikeMike Community Manager Posts: 4,099 Community Veteran
    Hey James, and welcome to the community. :wave:
    Taking a break 🌈
  • SiobhanSiobhan Posts: 14,442 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Hey welcome

    I revised for my gcses with flash cards and those spider diagrams and colour coded things and just wrote in colour and did things i enjoyed inbetween to motivate me. Good luck.
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  • independent_independent_ Resident Coffee Addict ScotlandCommunity Champion Posts: 7,875 Legendary Poster
    Heya James,

    Welcome to the boards. I'm Eleanor, and this year, I will be sitting my (all be it Scottish version of) GCSEs. It basically means I'm doing them a year earlier (I'm only 14). So I can relate. It's a scary time eh?

    The others have given you some brilliant suggestions on what to do if you're feeling bored or lonely too.

    Again, always here if you need to talk.

    Take care.
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  • James_James_ Noob Posts: 21 Confirmed not a robot
    Thanks for all the replies, I’ll definitely try the revision techniques Shaunie and f_allen I do go out a bit but I just hate it whenever I’ve not out
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