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i cant cope - help!

Jacob101Jacob101 Posts: 687 Incredible Poster
I keep having suicidal thoughts, my mind feels flooded by them. I just wish these thoughts would bloody piss off and leave me alone, i havent got enough guts to go through with it but if i did then i would.
''You were in the wilderness
Looking for your own purpose
Then you became a butterfly, a butterfly
I knew you always would''

- James Arthur (YOU)


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    Hi Jess,

    Sounds like you're having a really tough time, but well done for posting on here *hug*

    I notice you posted around this time last night; how are you doing now? I wonder if you managed to reach out to any form of crisis support?

    It seems like the thoughts are becoming quite intense and overwhelming. What things do you generally like doing to help yourself feel calm and relaxed, or to help take your mind off these thoughts?

    Keep talking to us Jess, we're here for you :heart:
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