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Awkwardness after being rejected by a girl

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Some time ago I asked a girl out and was rejected, which is fair enough. But since then, because I see her every week, things have been awkward. We were at first ignoring each other but afterwards she made an effort to talk to me. I've always tried to keep my distance so that I don't fall for her too much and also to not make her feel uncomfortable but this seems to have had the opposite effect. Now, it seems like I'm ignoring her but always eavesdropping into conversations she's having with other people and I think it's making her feel uncomfortable. It's not that I'm deliberately eavesdropping. It's just that were always near each other. My idea is to see if I can get a short conversation going on Facebook messenger and then maybe having a short conversation when I see her in person as well. That way I'm not being rude by ignoring her and hopefully if I've had a moderate length conversation with her both online and in person, it will seem less weird and less like I'm just ignoring her and eavesdropping on her conversations with other people. Any ideas on what I should do to overcome the awkwardness and not rub off as a creep on her?


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    Hey Ybe7,

    Thanks for posting this thread. Sounds like an awkward situation to be in, it's really good that you're looking for some help with this. Sounds like you've got an idea of how to make it less weird between you and less like you're just ignoring her. The Mix also has an article called 'Coping with rejection' which might be useful which you can find here

    Let us know how you get on and feel free to post more about what's been going on if you'd like to too :)
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    Hey @Ybe7 - just wondered how things have been going? Did you manage to chat to her at all?
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    Hey. Thanks for asking. Yes, I did. I think it will always be a bit awkward but at least we can say hi and acknowledge each other's presence.
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    That's great to hear Ybe7, :yes: we're always here if there's anything you'd like to talk about :thumb:
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