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bouncers confiscating drugs

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My friend was at a club and got his drugs confiscated at the door of a club after a bouncer searched him.
Can he end up with a conviction as the bouncer just refused him entry and did not call the police?
Not sure they took the details on his id or not.


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    Hi there,

    Welcome to The Mix boards. Thanks for posting this thread. Just to let you know that The Mix is an organisations for people that are under 25 so we might be limited in the support we're able to offer, just to let you know this. You were saying that your friend got his drugs confiscated at the door of a club after being searched by the bouncer and are wondering whether he could end up with a conviction as he was refused entry but the police were not called. It's really positive that you're looking for some help for your friend.

    We have a section on The Mix with articles about Drink & Drugs which might be useful to have a look at

    There is also an organisation called Release which offers free confidential advice on everything to do with drugs and the law

    Hope this helps :thumb:
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