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Don't know what to do - suicidal feelings

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I'm Spacer, I'm new to the boards

I need advice.

I am discharge from mental health as they can't help me have been for 8 months had relapse recently. Struggling manic and suicidal. Rang crisis told me stop being attention seeking this is for emergency only. Rang for urgent GP appt can't get one.

I'm manic but not happy suicidal want to do something bad anything. Don't know if I can say what on here?

How do i get help when no one will listen?


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    I feel so low manic suicidal not hot go excite sle energy can't stop crisis going to call me back over an hour ago will they ring they don't give a shit been out with mates don't think they real how do I know we been for a run around the bridge and that arguing now home cold and wet. Crisis meant to have called back but not. What now.
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    Hey there @Spacer,

    Firstly, welcome to our discussion boards! It sounds like you're going through a really tough situation but you're doing brilliantly by opening up here.

    Sorry to hear you haven't been having any luck with your GP or Crisis, these experiences can be a bit hit and miss. However, try not to let this stop you from reaching out for support from other services. You can contact Mind or Sane for issues relating to mental health and of course use this space to talk things out whenever you need to; we are a non judgmental space full of people from a plethora of different backgrounds. If you find yourself at breaking point, you can get in touch with Samaritans via email ([email protected]), letter, or phone (116 123 if you're in the UK). They're also open 24/7. :)

    In terms of what you can and can't post about, you can find more information on our guidelines in this thread about taking care of yourself and others. :) Generally, you can talk about struggling with harmful thoughts or urges but not go in to specific detail. But again, please do read the thread above as it outlines everything you need to know. How are things going today? Feel free to give us an update and share a little more if you like.

    All the best

    Taking a break 🌈
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