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Music Bringing Back Memories

I've noticed for a while now, that certain songs trigger memories of the past for me.

I was in the supermarket today, when a song came on. I just thought I remeber I used to listen to this when (x experience in my life occurred). Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad memories for me. Some songs (even if not being sad at all) I don't like listening to as the remind me of a time in my life which I don't remember (I listened to that song often during that time of my life).

I'm just wondering if anyone else has similar experiences to me?


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    I have had similar experiences with evocative music. When one is feeling down its best to avoid listening to the type of music, but its not always convenient when stuck in a supermarket. Last time that happened to me, I put my iPod on to drown out the music. Its my only defence.
  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    Definitely, it's amazing how music can have an affect on you mood in the first place!
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    There is a very strong relationship between acoustic wave frequencies and emotional states. It's our biological reaction to an engaging impetus.

    If you see a colour that doesn't stress or strain the eyes, then you perceive it as pleasant. So when you hear a soft, well balanced cadence in music, you read it as a pleasant feeling with which you associate happiness. Alternately, when you hear amplified dissonance it can inspire anger or excitement.

    Why do the ears produce emotion when the eyes don't? Maybe it's down to the wiring of the brain. Maybe it's because there's so much less for the ears to process and you have time to create associations with other feelings.

    Music does evoke emotions when I listen to it; sometimes its linked to a place and how I felt at that place. For example, I got a new CD on my previous holiday and loved this song and listened to it non stop, and then when I got home I stopped listening to it and when I shuffled my music and listen to the song, then I felt the same sort of happiness I felt on holiday. :)

    Equally, sometimes when I listen to sad songs, I really feel some emotions even though its not linked to a specific memory. Summing up, music triggers memories, experiences, and reminds us of dreams / wants / needs that we have. Some people are affected by music more than others, but I would be careful not to listen to sad music in the evenings when we are prone to overthinking. Piano music puts me in a nice mood when listening before bedtime, and that helps me nod off. :)
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