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Caught using legal highs

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I am 35 years old and have just been caught using legal highs. I am in a difficult situation, I may potentially lose everything, home, partner, medical registration, job and finances. I know I put myself in this position and I want to get help to get better. I have battled alcohol for a long time and been sober now for some time. I don't know why I did this when I nearly had everything I wanted. I am unsure how best to proceed, I was admitted to hospital by police and paramedics on friday, they were less than sympathetic but finally discharged me to my parents care without further investigation. I suspect something will end up at my GP or occupational health at work. I did not give them permission to contact my parents but they did so anyway- are there not rights regarding confidentiality. I needed treatment for vasculitis recently and tried to use that and it's treatment as an excuse for my behaviour. My partner found a packet of white powder which he knows I have been taking. and wants me to get help, he says he cannot guarantee he will tell others, I have let everyone down


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    If it is a legal high then you're technically not yet committing an offence, however it is pretty daft to use legal highs as the constant changing of chemical composition by dealers means you do not know what you're taking at any one time i.e. it's dangerous. The fact you're 35 and they contacted your parents seems a bit strange to me, are they down as your emergency contact? The police and doctors cannot disclose any information to your work- however, if you are in a job where you are in a position of trust (such as a medical professional, carer, teacher etc) occupational health may be notified and you may be asked to take some leave if they feel your drug use will impact upon your job. I will also say that blaming other diseases for your behaviour is not exactly an ideal way of proving to family, friends and professionals that you are in control of your problem, and will unlikely get you any sympathy. If you feel like you do have a drug problem then perhaps talking to your GP about addiction services in your area may be beneficial to you? I'd suggest visiting "Addaction" (just google it) for some advice and extra support as well. Hope everything works out okay for you, and please feel free to post again if you need any more support!
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    Your really lucky to get off this time because next time you wont be so lucky. Im glad that they let you off though and that you managed to be allowed to go home with your parents for support.

    Im sorry they weren't helpful or anything. Atleast you was able to go home without any further investigation. I think they only had to break confidentiality knowing you could of been at some risk or harm so that's why they called your parents but they know now and hopefully it wont happen again.

    Have you spoken to anyone about this? Do you think it would be a good idea to think about getting counselling or seeing a doctor? You mentioned that your bf suggested about you getting help so can try it and see.

    I think it was a good thing that your parents found out as you don't need to hide it no more and it shows that this is becoming a problem and you may need help. You don't want to leave it and let this get out of hand. What do you think?

    You wont need to ask work or let them know unless they say something to you. Don't mention anything and continue going to work as normal. It maybe that they didn't report you.

    Im here if you wanna talk x
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    I wanted to see how u were doing? Everything ok

    I'm here if u wanna talk x
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    Hi thanks,

    things are ok, as I suspected I got called in to my GP, it has been a really difficult time but my main concern at the moment is getting some help. My partner is really angry and although we are trying to work through things I am not sure how things will belong term. I hope I can get better. My family are ok, I have managed to reassure them that I am fine but I need to be able to access some help that will be truly confidential (ie I can talk openly without it being sent beck to my GP). He has also referred me to occupational health and signed me off work for a couple of weeks, and I have agreed to attend. Anyway, I need to be able to talk to someone about things which I don't want to disclose to NHS staff or be recorded in my notes and I am not sure where I can go. There are several complicating factors which I am not keen to write down here but if anyone can help it would be appreciated.
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    If you talk to a therapist unless you are causing harm to yourself and/or others it should be confidential
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    As Miss Riot has pointed out, it's usually kept confidential. As I have said previously though, if you are in a position of trust (you haven't said what you work as) then you may be asked to leave work if they feel you cannot act predictably/responsibly with your job. (For example, would you really want a surgeon who showed up to work high to operate on you?) Obviously it depends greatly on individual circumstances, and the more you'd be willing to share then the more we may be able to help. I hope things are okay though.
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