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help.. please..problems with parents and my boyfriend

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where do i begin... basically my life is going to shit right now. if i accidentally make my dad angry he'll start yelling and looks like he's going to start hitting me... i'm scared to death of him. my parents split up a long time ago now and all i keep thinking is how much i want my family back.. my brother moved out last year and he was the one person in my family i had a good relationship with... and now he's gone. i really miss my old family... another factor of my life is that last year i had my first boyfriend, kiss... and break up. we lasted a month and then he broke up with me... i started self harming because of it.. all i could think about was suicide.. my dad went crazy when he found out which didn't help.. by this time i had found my current boyfriend zach who helped me through everything but because i was with him when my dad found out, my dad blamed him for everything. it made me so upset. especially since zach has had... problems, but i'm not going to start explaining that because that's his personal life. anyway, my dad accused zach of all sorts such as sexual assault, harassment, having 'special powers' and 'being the devil'.. none of which actually apply to zach. in fact, zach's the best thing to happen to me in a long long time and now, because of everything, i fear i may lose him... i really need help.. please?...


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    just a quick update for today.. my situation about losing my boyfriend is getting a bit better. it's slowly becoming strong again but i'm still really worried about losing him... my dad is still blaming zach and it kills me to see how it affects zach's whole life... sometimes i feel he'd be better without me but i just can't lose him and he's said he can't lose me... i don't know what to do anymore.... i really need some advice or maybe just support.. just something... please..
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    If your dad sincerely blames your bf of possessing magical powers and being the devil it sounds to me a bit like that he suffers from delusions stemming from some kind of mental illness.

    Where is your mother, how old are you? Is there any chance you can live somewhere else?
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    Hey forever,
    Welcome to TheSite. It sounds like you've been through a whole lot in the last few years and that this situation with your Dad's health (I would agree with StrubbleS) has come to a head. It's clear you need some support to cope with his behaviour and know how you can respond to protect yourself and be able to have positive relationships with others.

    It would be good to get a sense of how old you are if you don't mind? As the support we would recommend will differ a bit depending on your age.

    You mention you've had a good relationship with your brother and then he moved out - are you still in touch at all? And if so have you talked about how your Dad has been with you, with him?

    Keep going with the updates :)
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    i'm 13 years old and my mum lives kind of close.. i can't live with her for the moment though. i don't have much contact with Brody (my brother) but i have tried mentioning it.. he sides with my dad... i just don't know what to do :(
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