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My company is going to be doing a presentation at a startup event in Manchester

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Hello everybody!
My company "Taloni Solutions" which is finnish for "My House" is going to be doing a presentation at a startup event in Manchester. The reason for this presentation is to show likeminded people as well as other technology companies what we are all about and what the goals we want to achieve are.

Our goals are to develop a system that makes homes greener by scheduling appliences and turning them off as well as allow appliences to be controlled away from home from your mobile phone. Coffee machines you name is can be controlled remotely and even scheduled for when you get home from work, etc. Lighting as well as heating can be controlled to automatically turn themselves off as well as on. Lighting can also be adjusted to create a desired environment by changing colours, etc. Surveilance systems can be hooked up to our system to be made automated.

There are already systems out there that can do such tasks however our goal is to create an affordable, open source as well as very sophisticated while efficient system that is modular allowing the customer to be able to buy only what they need rather than the entire system.

If anyone wants to attend this presentation they are free to do so however we don't yet have a date but I will keep you updated. Our website can be found at htt://www.taloni.org/


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