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Xmas meal tips/hints/inspiration!

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I thought it might be a really good idea if we started up a thread about what we're going to do for our Christmas meals.

For me: This year its just me and my mum and we are fairly well versed in cooking a big Christmas meal but considering it's just that it is this year we're kind of having to downscale everything. So we went to the smallest Turkey, we're making our own chestnut based stuffing, loads of veg (might even have a cabbage from the garden if they've hearted up enough) - tatties, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots (roasted with cumin), sprouts. Bacon wrapped dates (so much nicer than pigs in blankets, and i found a pack of dates at the back of the cupboard today so they're going to be used up somehow!), Yorkshire puddings, cranberry sauce and bread sauce, and i'm sure we'll end up with more stuff (anything i'm forgetting?). Neither of us like christmas pud that much so we got a very little one to share and i think i might give making a pavlova from scratch a go. Unless anyone else has any good ideas about good puds?

Any good ideas about herbs and spices for the veg? Any other accompaniments? I was also thinking of a little starter too. I need to make sure we have enough for two more if friends of mine make it back in time from celebrating xmas eve with friends.

Does anyone else do a boxing day do? I normally make trifle and bubble and squeak, but i need something else! New year this year is covered, got frozen stuff so i can actually enjoy the party for once!

And post your mince pie pics (and xmas meal pics) here so we can have a but of a show off!


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    Christmas dinner is - turkey, potatoes, carrotts, parsnips and pigs in blankets.

    We have chocolate bombes for dessert.

    For Boxing Day, it's sausage meat, turkey, mash and pickles.
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    For Christmas dinner we have turkey, roast potatoes, mash, sausage wrapped in bacon, carrots, Yorkshire pudding, bread sauce.

    Christmas pudding.

    On boxing day, another roast dinner but less food, then for tea we have a salad. We put out cheese, meat, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, spring onions, pasta, coleslaw and potato salad, and just get what we want.

    I don't eat much so I'm not sure what I will be having this year. I am extremely fussy with food anyway though. I dislike roast dinners so I usually just eat roast potatoes and pickled onions for Christmas dinner, same on boxing day, then for the salad I usually just have cucumber, tomatoes, roule cheese and a bit of pasta.

    This is what I grew up with so, when I cooked Christmas dinner for my ex and the kids, this is what I made, even though I hardly eat any of it.

    I will definitely post pictures of everything on here though :)
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