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What was it? Who led it? Should it have been televised? Do you care?



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    I of course base my observations on what happened in London.

    Million mask farce if you ask me. People have been getting angry that the main stream media have not given this much cover. Except these angry people seem to be oblivious to the cover I have seen on MSM, and everywhere else that you can view news these days. For a supposed masked march, it wasn't too much of a shock to see the champagne socialist that is Russell Brand getting his face in the news about it. Overall I'm at a loss at what those marching want, change is apparent, but no idea what next.

    I also find it highly amusing that the whole idea of the march with those masks, was based on a fictional film. The very masks made in a sweat shop environment, enabled by the very capitalism they claim to be against. The protest seemed to be a complete melting pot of every single random group you could think, all trying to get themselves in on the band wagon, with no complete coherence of what was going on. Interestingly the police were called scum (once again) and people started lighting fires and throwing fire works.

    I can understand where many of the views are coming from, but I get consistently annoyed that some of the people on that march have this idea of the "99%" in their heads. They're saying WE ALL want change, when really its "I" want change and think everyone else must think the same way.

    I was sat in bed with a hot chocolate.
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    hilarious how Russell Brand turned up. Tries to be one with the people but fails to mention he's a multi millionaire
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