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anyone else

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so on friday i went to the docs about all these random allergic reactions ive been having, mostly when i come out of any contact with water, or in a sudden change of heat.
ive been told i have urticaria, just wondered if anyone else has it?

ive been given these high allergy tablets to help with the symptoms but there is nothing to help with the actual thing. :( so its not much fun cause it means im not sleeping all night and things.


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    Hello RoseBud,

    Don't have personal experiences with 'urticaria' - However I do know allergic reactions are never pleasant. Especially if it's untreatable. Do you take any form of antihistamine for your allergic reaction? You said you went to your GP, did they have any suggestions as to how you should cope with it?

    There doesn't sound like there is much you can do to be honest, how long does it take for the allergy to ware off before you can actually go to sleep, could you get a shower earlier, so it doesn't disrupt your sleep, and keep a fan on around for when it gets to warm? NHS have a web-link on Hives Treatment, which might be worth checking out to.

    Best wishes,
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