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Laws on noise?

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This is really starting to piss me off now:
We have 2 sets of neighbours, one of whom has young children. They moved in about a year ago. I've heard them twice, and even then it's only when they're in garden and the children seem to be getting a bit excited.

The other neighbours are all adults. It's not unusual for me to go to bed around midnight and be kept awake from either one of them screaming or slamming doors. They've also woke me up on a few occasions (around 7-8am) with their door slamming.

They also shout at the dogs to shut up and the dogs just bark even more. (ours just get sprayed with water and it's enough to shut them up) They sometimes put the dogs in the front garden (they did this on Saturday, around 7.30am just as I was going out) and the dogs bark. They just get shouted it, instead of someone actually calling them in, or at least going to see what's wrong.

They pretty much slam doors all day, sometimes going up to 12am or later.

This morning, I woke up at 8am, had breakfast and went back upstairs to get dressed at 8.30am. All I heard was them shouting at each other and them slamming doors. That isn't unusual at that time of day. In fact, they've done it a few times before 8am.

My dad has had a word with them before at doing DIY at 7am on a Sunday morning.

I've applied for housing from the council and they've said that noise isn't an issue they can consider. Ok then, I'll just lay awake until gone midnight and be awake again at 7am because of them. Never mind that I have a disability which causes chronic tiredness.

I have a condition called Hyperacusis, which means my hearing is sensitive. Even if I wear ear plugs, I can still hear them scream, shout and slam doors.

Someone has mentioned something about the council. But can they really do anything?


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    I dont know anything about the particulars of it all but i believe they can if these people are causing a nuisance at unsociable hours. Worth a try in any case
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    You can makea noise complaint with the council. They won't move you but can investigate your neighbours.
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    Hi Melian

    So sorry to hear about the noise and disruption your neighbours are causing. It's such a difficult situation to be in because you have to tread a fine line to get things sorted out, but put up with so much in the process.

    I just wanted to let you know about some articles here on TheSite which might help you move forwards and give you some options:

    Neighbours from hell - has a section about noisy neighbours

    Noisy neighbours - this is actually a Q&A that might have some good advice for you.

    Also, Shelter (the housing charity) has some info about noise - if you call their helpline on 0808 800 4444 they may also be able to offer some advice.

    Let us know how things go - good luck :thumb:
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    Alexander2 wrote: »
    This is very surprising. I had never heard about it. Is it really work? Have anyone has its reference? it is very interesting for me.

    Yes it can work, United Kingdom law is quite clear on noise disturbance, except I have found in the past that it's often down to dodgy interpretation of apathy on the part of councils as to why it isn't enforced properly.
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    Start keeping a noise diary now. If you conbtact the council, they will just tell you to start keeping one and come back to them in a couple of weeks or so.
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    The council have spoken to the neighbours. The neighbours told them that they're in bed at 9pm. What a load of bollocks! It's not that unusual for me to be hearing someone slam the door / scream gone midnight.

    I'm now in the shit with my parents. The neighbours said something to my parents and I said it was me. (to my parents not the neighbours) Because I was fed up of being kept up until gone midnight with the door slamming and then being woken up at 7/8am.


    Parents have said they'll change my room around, which isn't going to help at all when there's someone on a motorbike outside. (which there usually is)
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