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hi im new here,:wave:
Well im feeling pretty low right now,
everyone has given up on me i cant say i blame them to be honest.
Im a failure and waste of space!!

I'm soooo fed up with me and life in general,
I don't want to live.. i dont want to hurt my boyfriend who i love but im scared
he doesnt love me anymore im hard work!! What if finds someone "sane" :grump:
I'm soooo upset right now :( i think im better off gone,
one min im happy and next BANG down to point i harm and seriously wana die ..

incredibly down :nervous:


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    Hello AfraidGirl,

    Welcome to TheSite.org message boards and a massive well done for being able to post and express how things are going for you, emotions wise. Everyone has given up on you? What do you mean by that? One thing I can see is, you haven't given up on yourself, which is the most important, you have shown that by posting on here :) - Which is an amazing positive step!

    Sounds like things are quite difficult for you at the moment, and I have been in your shoes, so I can relate to how you are feeling, so you aren't alone! - Have you spoken to your boy friend about the relationship? Often confiding in your partner can put a bit of ease on the worry of the relationship, me and my Ex had issues and it was really beneficial to have him know about the things that were going on and Vice Versa.

    What support have you had in the past and what support are you getting at the moment? Maybe when you get overwhelming emotions to want to self harm, you could do something as an alternative, for example, distractions, I often find mindfulness very useful, as I tend to be in Emotions mind a lot, and I guess it's just bringing myself back to Wise Mind. What are some of the things you generally enjoy doing? - You can also take a look at TheSite.org's article on 'Coping tips and Distractions' And another article called 'Dealing with urges?' Personally, I've found both of these articles easy to understand and really useful! Let me know what you think after checking them out :)

    Often, when we find ourselves going in to a 'Feeling Suicidal' loop, it's then when we just need to tell ourselves, things are going to be okay, and make a list of distractions, and just keep going until you find a distraction that's useful to you, do you know your triggers? Or things that may make you feel uneasy?

    Please keep reaching out to us, and remember, it's all about the little steps first :)

    Best wishes,
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    I know it's hard to keep strong. I feel the exact same way. Life sucks sometimes but you just have to keep pulling through. It might seem impossible to survive through such disastrous events everyday but its not. I've managed to do it so far. Don't forget that you are loved. :)
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    Hi AfraidGirl :wave:

    Welcome to TheSite. I'm so glad you've found us and been able to post - as you can see, it's a very friendly place and people are very keen to help where they can. It might be a good idea for you to also introduce yourself to others here.

    Like **Angel** said, you've been really brave to post about how you're feeling, but I wondered if you might feel able to tell us a bit more about your situation? What's making you feel like a failure, and is anything is particular happening with your boyfriend right now? You don't have to give us lots of personal details, but sometimes if people know a little more about what's really bothering you then they're able to help a bit more.

    Hope to see you posting again soon
    Take care
    Spanner :)
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