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Internet data etiquette

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For about four months I've been getting involved in a spot of internet "dating" :naughty: Last month I met up with this great lad, lets call him John, after non stop exchange of messages (initially via the site then onto WhatsAp and phonecalls). We had a pretty brilliant weekend together, felt like I truly be myself with him. Following this weekend I've seen him four times since, staying at his. In recent days his messages have been decreased, massively, and he's really non-commital in agreeing to meet up again. I can't help it, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and he knows I'm keen. But I am now overthinking the lack of communication all of a sudden. I totally appreciate it's really early days but he was so keen before and I don't wanna marry the guy I'd just like him to be wanting to make plans to see me.

I've been single for about six months whereas he'd only split with his previous partner 2 months prior. Because there was no love in my previous abusive relationship I am keen to see someone, get that attention and do those silly relaxed dates at the beginning.

I've asked him a couple of times when we're next going to get to meet up and I get a "not sure" sort of response. This coupled with the lack of communication is making me wonder if he's trying to let me down gently in his nice bloke kinda way even though I am a little bit gutted, I'm not gonna lie cos it felt like we really clicked but i'm not gonna piss about waiting around forever!!

So the internet dating profile? Would it be bad of me to start noseying again? Or is it bad?!


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    Well to be honest, you're not exactly committed or officially together so i see no harm in carrying on looking. From the sounds of it youve done alot from your end to meet up and be pro-active so it seems like its his turn to make a move now.

    Dont write him off though, if/when he asks you out again go for it, he might have a genuine reason for being a bit slow on the uptake or just not realise he'd doing it (as most guys tend to)
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    With internet dating the general rule is you're still looking until you have the conversation that says you're not.

    I wouldn't write him off yet but if you're keen it doesn't surprise me he's withdrawing a bit. If he knows he's not looking for anything serious- and depending how long his relationship was he probably isn't- then he won't want to string you along.
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    Misleading title :L
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