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So my friend gave me some Etizolam the other night due to my chronic sleep problems (I hadn't slept in about three days). Everything the doctor was giving me was shit and the Etizolam he gets is pharmaceutical stuff not the shitty street ones. So I took one last night hoping i'd sleep as i've taken Etiz before and it worked pretty well considering i'd been on a MDMA bender.. the next time I took it i took two just because i was wide awake.

Bearing in mind i hadn't slept for three days i was pretty out of it and thought one would do the job, by half past three i'd taken four and eventually fell asleep. Dont get me wrong, they'd taken effect, I was spangled but didn't help me sleep. I have a naturally high tolerance to drugs in the past (mdma, meph, ket, so on and so forth)

has anyone else found that they need higher amounts of benzos to chill them out?

I've taken one just now to help me sleep, but i can see having to take more which sucks because i've only got 5 left.


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    I got hooked on lorazepam and it ruined my life. It wasn't recreational, but a result of poor GP management for a PD problem. I went from 1mg a night to about 10mg a day. I was zombied out and I couldn't function properly. Only when I started to realise that I needed more to calm down, did I realise what was happening - but by then of course it was too late. For me, there's a simple solution - don't take them. If you have a problem with sleep, then you need to find the root cause - benzos just mask the problem. It pains me to think that people end up like I did, and it really isn;t worth it. Your body will get used to your normal dose, it's natural, and that's why they become addictive.
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