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A year abroad... how to pack?!

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So, I'm thinking of going abroad for a year working and travelling (hopefully more of the latter!). I have a country in mind, and a visa option in mind so I think those things are relatively sorted (the visa conditions mean the extra thinks like their National Insurance card equivalent get sorted for me). Obviously I need to see how medical stuff works, should I need anything...
My biggest "problem" I can see so far is how to pack for a year?! I mean I'm going to need everything from shorts to clothes for potentially -20degrees. That is a massive difference! At the moment my rough plan is to take whatever the plane will let me take and to settle in places for maybe a month before moving on.
This isnt set in stone yet but hopefully the ball will begin rolling early next year!

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks :)


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    Wear ALL The close you own..you'll look like a starfish when you walk...and put bedsheets around you like a cape...if anyone asks just say the nun told you to ;)
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    I'd say take the essentials - so things that can be worn in all areas, but also remember that you can buy extras when you need them. Plus if you are going to be spending a lot of time somewhere cold, but then go somewhere hot and not go somewhere cold again you can always ship the stuff back home - there are always lots of cheap courrier services! I think you'll definitely learn to carry only what you need and leave other stuff behind!
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    lol love your signature :)
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    Thanks Plugitin- that's useful :) I overlooked the fact that couriers could work. I think I would only be experiencing the cold once, really just over winter, and not hellped by the fact I'd love to go up in the mountains and learn to ski too... If it was this country I'd just go Charity Shop shopping but not sure they exist globally!
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    Hmm, I think you're right about charity shops not necessarily existing globally HOWEVER in my experience, there might be more flea markets/car boot sales etc to compensate. Plus I don't know about anywhere else, but in Germany it's common for people to leave stuff they don't want on the street for other people to take if they want it... Naturally you have to do what you want, but where there's a will, there's a way! You can always take a big rucksack and suitcase, then (depending on what you're doing - that wouldn't work with trekking!) it looks like you have less etc!
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