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Can they do that?!

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Hi guys,
I have suffered with psychosis and depression for the last 2 and a half years. I have been in my job for 3 and a half years, we have recently had a new general manager and manager who were unaware of my illnesses. When the general manager found out he started to treat me differently and when the other manager found out, well when the others told him ( well made fun of me by calling me 'a nutter and i wouldnt be on my own with her she'll probably stab you') he treated me differently too. On the 19th october the general manager dismissed me for gross misconduct saying that i poured a jug of carling and didnt charge for it, now I know for a fact I did not steal! I have worked there long and work hard, my memory is affected by the illness (i tend to be forgetful) and the fact it was a busy saturday night didn't help, I sometimes take a payment upfront and sometimes after, I did not know these people and charge my boyfriend and friends full price (even though other staff give 'discount' to their other halves and friends!). I am appealing against the decision and believe that the general manager didnt even consider my illness (which i brought up in the hearing) as he made a decison in less than 10 minutes.
Any advice???


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    Working in the UK? Try ACAS and Mind for good workplace health and advice. But no, they can't bully you for having mental health problems. It's discrimination and if you have been being treated for a mental health disorder for more than 6 months you're covered under the equalities act 2010 which mind have done an explanation of here
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