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SAD in the Summer

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I feel terrible... I mean I woke up feeling like I can't face the day... I am dreading work, even though a part of me knows that it'll do me good... I can't call in sick as I am on a temporary promotion and I need the money (also, only have 4 sick days left until next June, else I get a warning).

I think I have SAD in the summer (or am spiralling down in depression)... Has anybody else who normally gets SAD experienced it as of late?

I just want to shut myself away... I have a half-marathon next weekend I am dreading, with the noises and crowds. This is not like me... I am normally outgoing and daring.. Now I just wanna hide away from people and sleep.


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    I often get SAD blues in winter, haven't got it yet though, the days are still bright and lovely. It sounds like you may be suffering from depression? Especially with your thread the other day. I hope you're ok *hug* maybe see your doctor? x
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    Hey Namaste,

    *hug* It sounds like you're feeling pretty low at the moment. Did you manage to make it in to work today? Hopefully it made you feel better when you got there.

    I can see from your other post that you've been feeling like this for a few days now, is that right? And you are loosing interest in the things you usually enjoy like running.

    There has been quite a shift in the weather over the last few weeks, and summer definitely does feel like it drawing to an end, so it is possible that you are suffering from a bit of S.A.D.

    As ShyBoy has said, perhaps you should consider seeing your doctor. Have you considered making an appointment? Have you spoken to your doctor about feelings like this before? It might help to talk about your feelings with someone, especially as you mentioned that you have experienced periods of depression in the past.

    Take care of yourself *hug*

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    Is it still summer? The days are getting shorter, it's getting colder and well, maybe it's a combination of stress and the change in season? How are you sleeping? Are you getting a full night's sleep with a regular pattern? I find sleep really effects my mood, especially when compounded by stress.
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    its miserable and cold, and the days are drawing in. The sun that there is, is not strong.
    Its not really an unusual time to start getting SAD
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