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How to go about quitting work ASAP

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Good evening all.

To cut the background of the story short, From January - December 2010 i've worked as a Business administrator in the public sector on an apprenticeship and gained my NVQ Level 3 in business administration as well as other valuable qualifications. I then moved into full time employment from January this year and am now into my 5th month of this, this time a project administrator within the same public sector. My apprenticeship was alright as there were other apprentices my age or around my age and the tasks I had to do were always the same or pretty similar and I could get on with it and manage it within my own time boundaries. It wasn't something I particularly enjoyed but I could cope, it was in a very large office.

Moving into my new job and everyone around me is between 30 - 55 years old, they're all women (no sexism implied whatsoever), they all have conflicting interests and views on things that really do not interest me in the slightest. They enjoy gardening, flowers, nature, the environment, animals, relaxing things.. Things I have no interest in whatsoever. I am more into partying, drinking, socialising, going out, horse racing, football etc. You can probably see now where i'm coming from, and i'm only 19. Just gone.

They are all really good-hearted, nice people and it's rare that you'll find a work place like that. BUT, I really can't take any more of it. I've just about had enough of listening to them going on about things that I have no interest in whatsoever, about all that I mentioned above and then their kids and husbands and in-law's etc, it's doing my absolute nut in to the point where I have to go to the toilet and sometimes headbutt the wall in frustration and clench my fists severely. I cannot take it, they bore the living death out of me. Going to work is like a massive chore, almost like going to jail. I absolutely hate their company and we've nothing in common at all. I also don't like the tasks I have to do, nor do I like the project itself with involves me being in direct contact with elderly people on a daily basis. I cannot stand it whatsoever and have been thinking about quitting for a while now and now i'm 100% certain I want to quit. I have to quit, it makes me feel like a proper woman working with them and I'm a proper manly man.

Also, I have 224 hours of Community Service that I have to work off and that just isn't getting done at the moment due to working 5 days a week. I'm on tag for another 2 months and a week and there's nothing more that i'd love than to finish my community service in time for when I come off the tag, then start fresh again, this is another reason I need to quit.

I have no intention of going into work tomorrow, I said I wouldn't go back after the bank holiday. How/what would be the best way of quitting? I can't serve my notice either it will kill me another month will. I'm thinking of just not showing up :/

Advice would be muchly appreciated, and I mean that sincerely.

Thank you.


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    Well if you work off your community service quickly and have no job, then will that not bugger up your finances.

    As for the women, don't listen into their conversations and get on with your work If you are getting that angry perhaps think about some anger management? It could however be that everything/stress is getting on top of you.
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    I've heard all sorts of reasons for wanting to quit a job, but yours takes the cake. I'm assuming that you've got something else lined up? That you're not bothered that just walking out without serving your notice is going to leave you with one hell of a shit reference.......
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    Hi TheLadWithNoName,

    Sorry to hear about the problems you're having at work. There's a number of issues here, so I've broken them down, but the key thing is not to take drastic action that could ruin your future career when small steps could be taken to help resolve a lot of the issues you've raised.

    Remember too that your employer chose to employ you because they believe you are good enough to do the job. You are an investment to them, and it costs them money if you suddenly left. So it's worth being honest with them about why you are feeling as frustrated as you do, and then work out some solutions.

    Quitting without giving your notice.

    Technically, your employer can take legal action if you fail to work your notice period. In reality it's often not worth the hassle, so they don't. However, it'll be something they will tell future employers. You also haven't given your employer any time to resolve any of your problems. Without a new job to go into it's a massive risk and not a great situation to be in. If you quit your job you are not entitled to jobseeker's allowance as you would be if they made you redundant.

    More info here:

    Your outstanding Community Service

    You don't have to do one or the other. Could you see if your employer would allow you to go down to take some unpaid leave to complete your community service before coming back to your job?

    Your 'boring' colleagues

    Sadly we can't work with our mates all the time - it'd be brilliant if we could. You say that your colleagues are good-hearted, nice people, so I'm sure they aren't doing this deliberately and would be upset if they knew how frustrated you felt listening to them.

    But your boss has probably clocked that you aren't engaging with your colleagues, and if that means changing a few things then they might be happy to do that. Can you do your job with headphones on? Then you'll have your own music on while you work, and won't have to listen to your colleagues.

    Finding the work boring

    You don't say what you do, but helping elderly people can be hugely rewarding and lots of people really enjoy that sort of work. Maybe it's not for you, and that's fine, but make sure you are not confusing 'boring clients' with 'boring work'.

    If you are finding the work boring, you need to speak to your boss and work out ways to make it more interesting. Unfortunately every job has boring elements to it, but there could be different ways of working, or a different focus, that makes you enjoy what you are doing much more.

    Could it be that you can do more of your work out-of-the-office, or you focus on the more creative elements while a colleague can do more of the administration? For all you know, there could be someone sat in the next desk who is desperate to do more of the kind of work you despise?

    Be careful about expecting too much out of your job. Very few people have jobs they truly enjoy - that's why employers have to pay us for our time - and expecting to find a role that doens't frustrate you is going to be extremely difficult.

    However, being honest with your boss about why you feel like quitting gives them the opportunity to try and make changes to benefit you. They may also help identify other roles that you could pursue that closer match the sort of role you want.

    Trying to resolve your problems at work, rather than simply walking away from them, is a massive sign of maturity.

    Good luck with whatever you decide...

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    ^^ Very wise words.
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    Olly_B wrote: »
    the key thing is not to take drastic action that could ruin your future career when small steps could be taken to help resolve a lot of the issues you've raised.

    Or... you could go in tomorrow and drop a massive Cleveland Steamer on the bosses desk.
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    Hand in your notice, serve your notice, get your reference.
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