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confused. This happened to you?

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Hey :)
Well, basically I'm confused with my feelings and judgement. I met a guy at a club, he gave me his number. I was attracted to him so went ahead and text him and then we met up and eventually we were going out. It was all fine and dandy for about a month, but then i wasnt attracted to him anymore and he just plain and simply annoyed me (im a pretty irritable person). So i broke up with him and he was upset. I felt awful. But now i cant stand the thought of him.

I'm confused why my feelings dramatically changed. And now i dont want a relationship because of that one. And im scared i'll be attracted to someone for about 5 mins then be all irritated by then like i was with him! I dont want to upset anyone..:confused:

So yeah months later, Im real sexually attracted to someone. We've had a drunken fumble...but not sex as there was other people in the room...awkward! He slept over which i think is apart of this attraction because its always nice to be cuddled through the night. So yeah...Im confused with my judgement...:banghead: I dont want a relationship because of the previous one, yet im sooo attracted to this dude. But then again i was attracted to my ex before my crazy little head changed its mind and went the opposite way.
Ive been brought up thinking that a relationship and sex go together, dispite it being common to just have sex. Hmmm. I dont know.
Anyone had simular experiences? Any advice you have is appreciated. Thanks :)


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    Dont rush into anything. There are no rules saying that you have to get togther with a guy x amount of time after you have your first drunken fumble.

    If you want to see him again then see him but make sure he knows that you're confused about your feelings and dont want to rush into a relationship. Just see what happens without diving in headfirst
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    Just do what feels right, man.

    If you want him, go for it. You cannot know how you will feel x weeks/months down the line and nobody knows if you will be bored of him like with your ex. Stupidest thing you can do is chucking him, just because you might be afraid the same thing happens with your ex.

    If he isn't right you will know it, but you just cannot know about it right now. So don't make any distant diagnoses and check it out.
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    Cheers guyss, I'll just see what happens. You're right that i will know when somethings right but I just cant tell right now.
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