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Hi, basically, ive got a majorly fucked up life. In the last month or so, ive self harmed more times than in the past year, with nothing but a missive scar on my shoulder now. i want to get help, but i cant go, i tried going to the doctors to get help, it took me two years of constant support from a friend to help me get enough confidence to go. that doctor basically told me that they didnt want to know if it wasnt the wrist or anything, so now i dont know where to turn. i dont want to do this, but its become such a part of my life that i cant let go. plus on top of everything, ive lost about a stone in weight in the last month, not sleeping longer than about an hour in anyone night and throwing up anything i eat within a few hours. i feel so insecure i dont know what to do. can anyone help me? please? :crying:


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    Ok, first of all, try to appreciate the fact that that doctor is a useless twat.
    You should NOT have been treated like that.
    It'll be difficult, but try and go back to see a different GP, and mention that you don't think you were dealt with properly last time, if you can.
    In the meantime, keep posting :)An awful lot of people here have experience with S/H and'll be able to help.
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    Well to start with well done for going to see the doctor. I understand you're 18, and being younger than that myself I got treated differently by my GP. However, I think that another doctor might take it more seriously. All are different, the same as people are. Everyone reacts to self harm in different ways, some may think of it as an illness or adiction, others as attention seeking, and some as a way to cope with depression or other emotions. But at the end of the day, no matter how you think of self harm, it is not a good way to deal with anything. Yes, it may offer a short term calmness, but it wont last. In the long run, as you said, you are left with scars and not much else.
    If you are really unable to go back to a GP, then try and help yourself. I know it's easier said than done but it's just about finding another way. Maybe go running, or hold an ice cube, or do yoga. Every one has different coping methords that work.
    And, about your sleep problems, if you can't sleep lay in bed with your eyes closed. Don't get up and start doing things because then you get into the habit of getting up after not much sleep. Even if you aren't asleep stay in bed for a certain amount of time each night (e.g 7/8 hours)
    Finally; don't force yourself to eat, but do eat a healthy amount. For instance, don't eat straight after you've been sick. But do make sure you eat 5 or more fruit and vegetables a day, and have at least to full meals. Make sure you have over 2,000 calories a day aswell. Try not to rush your meals, because I imagen that would make you more sick.
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    Hi Bio Haz :)

    Sound's like things, particularly in this past month or so have been hard for you. The positive are that you have some good support from a friend and have built the confidence to see your Doctor. It's a shame because it seems like the visit to your Doctor has been a negative one. It's not right that the Doctor spoke to you this way. It may be because of a lack of training, or sheer ignorance, but either way, it is not the response you should have got. Check out the information on this page - it should help you to look at what next steps you can take as you have the right to change your Doctor and get the care you deserve.

    Apart from your friend, is there anyone else that you can talk to? Family, support workers? Also did you talk to your Doctor about the other things you mentioned? Sleeplessness, vomiting and weight loss? If you do manage to see another health professional, then be sure to tell them the full range of things going on for you, as they could all be linked together. Some of The Site's information on sleeping, eating disorders and self-harm may be worth checking out? If you feel that you want to talk to someone confidentially, then you could always try talking to a helpline?

    Remember that your past doesn't have to be your script for the future. Take each day as it comes and try to keep moving forward.

    Take care and keep posting - :)
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    Yeah, thanks guys. Spent last night in A+E because i passed out and my friends couldnt wake me up :S one of the nurses (she was cute) saw my arm and started talking to me about it when i came round this morning, turns out she did it too when she was younger. Ive set up an appointment to go see her again in the new year, but im feelin a bit mehish about it, because i dont feel right talking to people face to face about the problems. But yeah, thanks for the help guys. I think i'll stay for a while, and see if i can get through this :)
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru

    Hey bio haz,

    Its never easy talking to anyone about your problems or feelings, but try and think of the positives, this person/nurse is trained to help you, has probably helped other people like your self before so can understand you. also she is neutral of others close to you and what you discusss with her should be confidential.
    Perhaps it would be a good idea before you start to talk about your problems and feelings to explore your feelings around trust and how difficult you find to open up.

    Let us know how you go:wave:
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    Hi bio haz:wave:

    Opening up to people really does help. Friends can be amazing people to talk to - they don't always know how to help (they're not trained!) and they certainly can't make everything right for you, but they will always be there if you need them, and they can boost your confidence.

    Just keep going, and don't get disheartened if you can't sort everything out at once, take one thing at a time, and you will get there:)

    Hope you're feeling better soon
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    Blood :D I like blood. so red and warm and thick. never tasted it though, dunno if i want to taste my own. seems a little weird. found a new knife, nice and shiney...well...it was shiney. eating a bit again :) happy about that, didnt throw it up either. but cut again :( girl next door caused it, i dont even remember why exactly. breaking down :)
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