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Did you feel a difference with the VAT?

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So, with only days/weeks left before VAT is set to rise back to 17.5% do you think it actually made a difference to consumers lifes?

Me personally feel it hasn't and if anything it has made things worse,

I never noticed a difference once VAT dropped to 15%, prices stayed the same where I shopped and companies seemed to be making an extra 2.5% mark up on their products, so I did not see prices go down, HOWEVER with VAT going up I have noticed that prices are increasing, funny that they say it is to cover the increase but they never reduced the price so it is clear profiteering.

For example I have a service at the moment which is £19.99 including VAT,

I got the service when VAT was at 17.5% and I payed £19.99, when it dropped to 15% they did not reduce it and I payed £19.99 but now VAT is going up I've been told I am to pay £20.48,

now this is not a BIG increase but imagine that for 1Million customers (of which they have more) thats over an extra £480,000.00 per MONTH.

Firstly they gained more money when VAT went down, they got an extra 2.5% (about 48/49p per month) and now they are getting an extra amount because it is going up.

Well done Goverment, you really helped, helped increase prices that is.


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