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Volunteering in your pyjamas

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OK, so this is my first post and I'm going to include a website in it, so I'm not sure whether it's going to be considered spam. The website is about volunteering, so as it's pertinent to this forum, I'm going to press on.

As well as volunteering my time for my local blind institute guiding visually impaired people, I also do my volunteering bit at home as well by using some of the suggestions for helping out worthy causes from this website http://www.helpfromhome.org/

Help From Home provides information on easy, no commitment volunteering opportunities that can all be performed from the comfort of a person's home. Almost all of the 450 plus actions listed on the site will cost nothing or very little to complete and take no more than 30 minutes to accomplish. Some can even be performed in under 10 seconds without getting out of your favourite chair or pyjamas!

You can do things like write to sick children, help in the fight against AIDS, knit clothes for homeless people etc, etc. The volunteering opportunities listed on the site do not appear in the main volunteer portal sites like do-it.org, yet are just as beneficial to worthy causes.

I'm hoping that you will see this website as a useful resource to extend your volunteering activities without it taking up too much of your own time or even leaving your own house. If you do visit the website, maybe you'll see what good there is that can be done ….. dressed just in your pyjamas!


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