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Claiming back travel expenses?

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ETA: I originally posted this on a Student Nurse forum so don't worry if you can't answer my huge list of questions here - I thought it was worth a shot by asking around :)

Can I just say, this post is long and a bit confused but I'm confused myself and in need of some real help!

First question? Can I claim back travel costs from last 07/08 academic year or is it too late now (I was too scared to fill out the form at the time!).

Second question: How EARTH are you supposed to fill out this form? I would have preferred some lessons on form filling out back in sixth form because I still do not get it at all in my second year of a degree :oops:

I get a weekly or monthly ticket (depends on placement area as us degree students are flung all over the shop and not based at one trust hospital) can I still claim back on weekly tickets?

If so, am I supposed to break it down into the 2 (if I did long days) or 3 days (when on community) that I travel to placement? Or can I just claim for the weekly/monthly ticket cost?

If I do have to break it down, do I break down by each individual journey? For example when on my acute placement I left Fallowfield, caught bus to Stockport bus station. Then caught a bus from Stockport stn up to the hospital. Reverse this journey for when I come back.

My current placement is Fallowfield to Piccadilly Gardens, Piccadilly Gardens to Ashton Bus Station and then Ashton Bus Station to Tameside General. Reverse this for the return journey.

For my first placement I caught 2 buses there and 2 buses back, in the community it's 3 bus journeys there and 3 bus journeys back. So do I claim for each individual bus journey despite using a weekly ticket or not?

Also, if I'm using the weekly ticket outside of placement days is this limiting the amount I can claim back?

Argh...if you've got this far and can help, well done :D


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    Hey I was in the same boat as you at my old uni and unfortunatly never got round to claiming back and lost about £500...my own fault :crying:

    From what I remember you had to be able to show each journy you made and have the ticket if it's public transport to show for it. You would have to write down where you placement was, the distance from you home to the placement a nd how much it cost you to travel that distance.

    Also you sometimes have to state the distance from where you live to your uni and how you get there ie, walk, car, bus. If it is futher for you to get to placement than it is to get to uni then they will give you the cost back for travel to that placement.
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