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Rebound Relationships

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I've been at war with myself for many days, so I am hoping you caring folks out there can lend me your ear, or eyes in this case, and give some insight to this situation.

I have recently separated from my boyfriend of four years in the middle of this month. I obviously can not tell you about the whole relationship, but to give a synopsis, we had our troubles like most normal relationships do, but we were very happy also. Considering I am still in college, I had a "mini-crisis" and I began hanging out with different people and showing my boyfriend less attention. I did not realize that I was taking the relationship for granted until a couple of passive warnings and a serious talk. After our serious talk, the next day he dropped a bomb on me. Needless to say, we broke up. Like previously stated, we did have our problems. In the month before we broke up, we bickered a lot, but all of our problems could be worked on and fixed very easily.

It was very hard to get answers out of him for why he broke up with me. Considering how long we dated and that I was not given the proper time to snap out of my "crisis", I thought I deserved better than how he broke up with me. To say the least, his reasons were - he did not feel like he was needed, he felt that he was always getting rejected, and the little fights were wearing away at him.

After a week of being apart, I found out he was seeing someone else. This is the kicker - he is turning 23 years old and she has been 17 for only three months and still a junior in high school. When I found out I immediately went to his house and asked him what he could possibly be thinking. He did admit to liking her, but when we got on the topic of our relationship and where it went wrong he began to cry. I didn't believe that he truly liked her and lost feelings for me, so I asked him if i kissed him would he really feel nothing. He actually let me kiss him and he always kept hugging me. He has various quotes on his website from songs that relate to our relationship.

There are a lot of bits and pieces to this relationship, but I believe the main point is that he moved on so fast to another relationship with a 17 year old girl. If you are thinking, "that is ridiculous", I completely agree. She has not reached her senior year of high school and he is graduating college this semester. What could she possibly offer him besides attention? Let me know what you think of this twisted situation, because it sure does have me confused!


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    Yeh it sounds like a rebound to me, 4 years is a long time id be devistated over it no matter how it ended.

    I'm not sure what too say if he kept hugging you and stuff then he still loves you i think.
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    Sorry to here about you situation, it sounds exactly the same as what i am going through right now, i have also been with my ex for 4 years, and i have found out he is now seeing someone who is 17, he will be 23 next month, i can't quite work out this in my head... i don't know but to me to be seeing someone so quickly after 4 years is there way of dealing with the situation, getting over it?

    I think it could well be an attention thing, as after all those years how could someone so young be right for his future? i dont no maybe im just speaking from what i see my situation as, but whatever it is, a rebound relationship when you can't possibly be over someone so quickly is not a good idea.

    Sometimes though a bit of time apart with different people can make you realise what you had, me and my ex broke up last summer for a couple of months, and i did see someone else for a while before we got back together and it did make me realise how much i loved him. So maybe just see how things go, you never know. Whats meant to be will be :) x
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