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Risky new Sales Job?

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Ok, so I'm currently living in Australia on a working holiday visa, which only allows me to work in a job for 6 months max, and I can't do any more than 4 months training. This gives me limited job opportunities...
At the moment, I'm working in a beachside Coffee Shop. It's not bad work, I have a beautiful view every day, I've seen whales jump out of the water while I've been working and I get along with everyone there. But the bad sides are that the hours are never consistant, I never know when I'm working, and they often change my shifts at the last minute. I also usually have to work weekends, which are insanely busy and means that I can't spend days with my girlfriend and I can't go out much (because nightlife only exists on a friday and saturday night here :crying: ). I also sometimes have to start fucking early, and tbh I'm over working in hospitality now.
So I found a job in Sales, promoting electricity. I went to a group interview, and they said they'd be delighted to offer me the job. So I've got a 2 day training course next week.
The bad side is that after a month of base pay, it becomes full commission only. Which basically means that if I suck and don't make many sales, I don't get paid.
But there are so many positives...if I am actually good at it, then I could make a shit load of money. The way the bonus's are structured are brilliant, and it doesn't take alot of sales to bring home an average wage. The guy reckoned I'd make at least double what I'm earning at the coffee shop in a week, because I'm not actually selling anything. It's just getting people to change electricity company, so it's apparantly very easy to sell.
I'll have fixed hours every week, fairly late starts, and I get every Sunday off, aswell as Saturday if I meet my sales targets.
They also organise lots of nights out and activities, so I'll get to make my own real mates over here, instead of my girlfriend's, which is what I really want for myself and the sake of our relationship right now.
The final seller is that it will give me Sales experience to put on my CV, which is what I really need if I'm to start a career in travel and selling holidays.
So what do you guys think? It's risky I know, but I feel I have to give it a shot. Even if it doesn't work out and I'm making fuck all money, I can quit after a few months and look for other work - at least I gave it a shot, got some sales experience and maybe made some mates.
Only other problem is that if I do quit after a few months, it won't be as easy to find work as it was when I first came here, due to it being Summer now. Hmmmm :chin:


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    I would avoid ANYTHING that is commission only. Far too dodgy.
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