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To go or not to go...

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So I'm currently in between jobs as such.... the last place I worked was extremely unprofessional and as I was moving to Portsmouth they let me go.

Anyway, fast forward a week and I have a job offer for January which is a mixture of what I was doing and what I really want to do (journalism) and that's great. But until then I need a job.

I've been offered a really great interview on Monday where I will find out straight away whether or not I've got it. The basic is great and there is wicked commission involved however I haven't got it just yet. However I've also been offered a job at another place with bad basic, okish opportunities for commission and seems just unprofessional as the last place.

I tried to get the interview for today but they wouldn't schedule it and I told the one I am supposed to start next week that I couldn't start on the Monday. They've come back to me and said it's the only possible day I can start as they have four people coming in on that day and want to train us together.

I don't know what to do, blow off the bad job and risk not having anything. Or blow off the interview and start at a job that I think might be as bad as the last.....



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    Sometimes it gets to the point where ANY job is better than no job, if you need the income... not ideal, I know.

    Tough one, if the good job will let you know though. How are other job prospects? Any temping opportunities if you do decide to blow of the crappy job?

    Personally, I would blow off the bad job, as I like to take a risk. When risks pay off, it's all good.
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    Well, I said to the bad job that if I couldn't start on Tuesday then I had to say no. They emailed me back saying "In these extreme circumstances we will allow you to start at 8:45 on Tuesday."

    Score :)
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