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Where do I stand?

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Some background info - I work for a cleaning company, I worked at an office quite near to me, the cleaning company are based in Leeds. I am the only cleaner there. Anyway...

I went on maternity leave end of November, and my supervisor (who is in Leeds) said ring me about a month before you want to come back, that if you want to, I said yeah I am deffo coming back (although I wasnt sure!)

To cut a long story short the office shut, and I only found out cos I drove past it! It shut in April(ish) and my work havnt rang me/sent me a letter. So I rang up and, playing dumb, saying I wanted to go back to work at the end of August, they said its shut and they havent got any work for me.

The woman on the phone said 'as far as we're concerned, your deleted from our system':mad: But they havent terminated my contact, my supervisor has only told me, and I had to ring them, they havent contacted me.

I only worked for them since Jan 07, so wont be able to get redudnacy? (sp).

I dont know what to do? I am gonna get my holiday pay, even if I have to go up to Leeds myself.

Will CAB be able to offer advice?

Thanks for reading.


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    You might find this article useful:

    There are different rights depending on how long you went on maternity leave - but essentially you should be given a comparable job back if you want to return. If they have made you redundant then they need to follow the standard procedures even if you are on maternity leave; and if they didn't then you are entitled to claim unfair dismissal.

    Your best bet is to contact ACAS who offer a helpline and can answer exactly these questions and tell you what your next steps are. They are on 08457 47 47 47. Alternatively your local Citizens Advice bureau should be able to help.

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for the reply. I went on maternity leave for 9 months. They didnt pay it me cos its part time work!

    They are based in Leeds and all their work is in Leeds (apart from where I work :s) so they said they have nothing for me here. The thing that is doing my head in is that they didnt writre me a letter or nothing, I only knew in July and they shut in April!:no:

    I'll have a look at the links, thanks again.
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    I think you definitely need to speak to ACAS.

    Being part-time should not have stopped you being paid maternity leave. You only wouldn't have qualified for maternity leave if you started work nine months before the baby is due; which you didn't (if you started in January and went on maternity leave in November).

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    I got maternity allowance, which is paid by the government. I wasnt entitiled to maternity pay from work cos I wasnt earing enough money, or something like that!
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