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Hairdressing on Cruise Ships

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I haven't posted for absolutely years but thought of this place soon as I needed advice!

I've got a mate who really really wants to do hairdressing on a cruise ship. She's got two brothers who work on cruise ships so knows the deal about bein away for weeks etc but she's also heard about the places they've been to and how well travelled they are for people so young.

IMO, and i admit as an engineer i dont know much about hairdressin, shes really talented, driven and ambitious and would be a credit to any company willing to take her on and give her a chance. I've known her for a year and its always been her plan to work on cruise ships once she finishes college. She goes an hour out of her way on the train everyday to get to college in Birmingham cos it was the best place to go. Sure you get the picture now... really wants this more than anythin etc etc blah blah blah

However she's been turned down by Steiner. She reckons they're the be all and end all and i'm determined to show her otherwise. Does she have any other options? I honestly think if she gets through to interview her drive and ambition to do it will show through and she'll do really well.

Thanks for any help!!


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    I'll ask. My old man used to work for P&O.

    What trype of engineer are you Ego?
    Weekender Offender 
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    I'm 2/3 of the way through a degree in manufacturing engineering at lufbra uni. I'm doin a years placement at Toyota in the assembly engineering dept :thumb:

    Thanks for the help anyway Skive! So weird that the first person to reply is a name that I remember!
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    i remember youuuu!

    ps sorry i have absolutely nothing helpful to say whatsoever, haha :]
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