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Heard about the Target Campaign?

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" What have you done today? Have you solved a maths problem, written a note to someone, read a text book or been for a driving lesson? The chances are that you have done at least one thing involving a skill - and you probably haven't thought too much about the skill, or how it might help you later on in life.

But not everyone has the chance to learn new skills. Across the developing world, millions of children and young people never go to school or learn skills to work. They are trapped in poverty. Yet with skills and training, they could earn an independent living, and stop being poor.

Y Care International, the overseas development agency of the YMCA movement, works in 30 countries to help young people learn skills, and and fulfil their dreams.

The organisation believes that more should be done to help young people gain skills. Their Target campaign is calling for:

-greater priority to be given to the training and skills needs of marginalised young people
-young people to have more of a say in the skills programmes designed to help them

You can help raise awareness and influence politicians by sending Target postcards to development secretary Clare Short - or you could raise funds to boost Y Care International's skills training projects in, say, Liberia, Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka.

More details from Sarah Leonmard at Y Care International on 020 7421 3016, or by e-mailing [email protected]
http://www.ycare.org.uk "
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    If you give people a chance to learn how to do a skill they could learn how to do it.Even people out on the street could learn how to do a new skill.
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