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Work/life balance

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I'm writing a query on behalf of a friend. I have checked the work section of TheSite.org before proceeding. I can find answers with regards to under-18's but not over-18's yet. I do apologise in advance if I have missed something:

My friend works in a permanent fulltime 8:30-17:00 callcentre and is often asked to cover every 2nd or 3rd Saturday. Every month, his firm carries out a stock-take. Understandebly, this means extra hours, manifesting itself as a Saturday again. On the last stock-take, he was forced to work both weekend days with loss of overtime pay if he didn't turn up on the Sunday. Surely though, isn't forcing employees to work 12 days on the trot illegal? That's Mon-Fri, the weekends and Mon-Fri again.

If someone can clarify the law for me please, that would much appreciated.
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    Quick check of the Working Time Regulations:

    a limit of an average of 48 hours a week which a worker can be required to work (though workers can choose to work more if they want to).
    a limit of an average of 8 hours work in 24 which nightworkers can be required to work.
    a right for night workers to receive free health assessments.
    a right to 11 hours rest a day.
    a right to a day off each week.
    a right to an in-work rest break if the working day is longer than 6 hours.
    a right to 4 weeks paid leave per year.
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    Many thanks MLY. I've looked in the work section again and can't seem to find that. The only reason I'm asking is because by having a link, he'll be able to show that to his boss. Looks like the boss has gone over the line.
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    They day off a week bit can be swapped for 2 days off in a fortnight.

    www.acas.org.uk and www.direct.gov.uk should explain the working time regs for you.
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    Check to see what your mate signed when he started working there. Some places will get you to sign to a contract which contains a waiver to certain regulations including number of hours worked etc.
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