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I've just been sacked!

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New boss at work started today. I work in retail. He asked everyone last week to come in at 8.15 for a staff meeting regardless of whether there on a shift today or not. I didn't have any hours today.

Its an absolute mission getting to town from where I live at the moment and not to mention expensive, so I was already a bit pissed off at the inadequacy of it, but I'd been doing this weekdays day in day out for the past few weeks, never late and never off sick. So I'm at the bus stop this morning, to my surprise the bus I need doesn't start till 8.10. I hadn't gotten the bus this early from here before so I should of checked really, just didn't think. All of a sudden that feeling of helplessness closed in. "I'm not even on the bus, I'd have 5 minutes in hand to get into town when it turned up. It takes just over an hour an 15 to get into town from here. I'm fucked!" I ring him up, an let him know I'll be a bit late. No chance for explanation, but a rather rude gonna have to let you go mate pretty much instantly. I'd never even met the guy before, just spoken on the phone.

Part of me's not arsed in a way, my hours were cut down dramatically from 22 to 5 recently so had other part time staff members as the shop hadn't been doing to good sales wise. I would of earned 30 quid a week. Tenner travel there 20 quids to myself a week, nothing is it really hardly worth the bother. Couldn't afford to go out on that, couldn't afford to pay any bills on that.

I do feel a little fucked financially, 20 quid was a few takeaways at least, now I've gotta wait till university starts up again which is around 8 weeks away and live on my Student loan. I might/should be able to get my old office job back during the remaining summer holidays but its not certain. Just I'd be on alot of money an all. Alot! just the uncertainty's a bitch!

Sorry I had to get that out on to paper kinda. I've realized its probably not that big a loss now I've thought about it. A few work mates were sacked yesterday also, one for being just two minutes late. How would you of reacted?


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    I'd have been pissed off at first, but then i'd have told the cunt he could keep his job, especially if you were only on 5 hours a week, not really worth it. I did the same at my fisrt job, they kept cutting my hours so i told them where to go.
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    At least you didn't travel for an hour in and an hour back to get that great piece of news though.

    It's shit when people get let go, but, yeah if he had cut your hours down as much as that, you are better off without the hassle. Sign up with a temp agency for a few weeks.
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