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how long?

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ive become mates with this new group of peeps who r in 2 drugs in quite a big way, ones a dealer. but n e way, 2 days ago i was @ 1 of their flats and 2 of em were snortin sumint (think cocaine? im gonna sound realy thick but i dont have a clue bout drugs! and this is the 1st time ive eva seen n e thing like this).
they did it and were smokin joints aswell, i remained there 4 bout 45mins afterwards and it didnt seem 2 affect them at all, r they just so used to it or does it take longer 2 take affect?

also just a little marta im gonna have, the dealer is well brain scrabbled, hes so fidgity, and when he gets up he cant stand still, he jolts about and paces up & down. it realy scares me 2 c him so pickled, not that i fell threatened, hes lovely.(this is when he aint high).
but it scares me cuase he has custody of his 5yr old daughter, and i would hate 2 c my parents like that, and i cant c her havin a decient future at all, her dad will prob end back in prision. he even takes her with him sumtimes when he dishes his drugs about!
he is a realy nice guy, but im just in shock.
mayb im just 2 nieve.
sorry bout that, had to say it sumwhere.
please dont get me wrong, i aint preachin, u live ur own life, its up 2 u wot u do.


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    my guess is that it was probably coke that they were snorting. If it was then it would have effected them straight away. They only reason you think it didn't is because they weren't jumping about and dancing. Speaking from experience you can take it and just sit and chill and feel the rush. Even on ectasy who can behave normally (well me and my mates can anyway). But you are right that it doesn't effect them that much any more because they have built up a tolerance to the drug and they need more of it to give them the same buzz.
    I know you like these people but if I was you I would stay well clear if you don't want to get involved in drugs. Sooner or later you will try some and then you will probely carry on taking them. I know I have been there.
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    sorry to disagree phatboy, but you dont get tolerance for cocaine. if you look up some site like www.erowid.org and see how the drug works on the brain you'll see its a short acting dopamine receptor blocker. Ive experienced strange tolerance like effects like wneh it tends to last shorter but its always the same amount for a high.

    but he is right, coke doesn't make you dance, its more of an internal buzz of satisfaction and tends to stay inside.

    2 things ive noticed about coke n speen is they give you two distinctive highs.

    GENERALLY (not always) amphetamine makes you happy about other things while coke generally makes you happy bout urself, immortality feelings from high doses ( ppl have been known to jump from buildings while on crack)

    tho this isn't always true, depends on the person but with me its definatly true.

    at the end of the day its you decision on whether to get involved with drugs, but i wouldn't advise going any further than the occasional joint if u do.
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    Helly, u ainbt naive or thick at all honey <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif"&gt;
    If u ask me out of all the drugs around coke is one of the hardest to tell if someone is on it. A big give away is a very runny, or bleeding nose. If someone has been snorting then they often sniff like fuck. Also gigging about is a give away but not everyone is like that. It is possible to just sit down but there is usually some sort of sign like playing with your hands or something.
    Anyway, I wouldnt advise u to get into any of this stuff Helly, its just not worth it if u can have a good time without. And as for this bloke taking his child on drugs rounds, I personally dont think thats right. How old is she, children r very perseptive.
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    Thanx guys.
    Hiya lolly, he is 27 and his little girl is nearly 5.ive never seen him do it infront of her, cause shes usually in bed when we go round & they r doin it, but im just scared he might drop a pill or sumint & she might take it, im prob bein stupid but i worry bout things like that.
    im not eva gonna try n e of the stuff, it aint my thing, im not even slightly interested. its just that ive met these new peeps and they r in2 it in a big way.
    when i was there they were talkin bout nose bleeds, but no 1 had 1 then.
    i noticed there eyes went blood shot, even more than they were already.
    i suppose i did expect them 2 get up and lark about, and shout and talk shit, but im just nieve as ive never realy seen n e 1 on drugs b 4(part from weed). it surprised me.
    thanx again guys, appreciate the info.
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