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Ok first off not critasising just facts and a story for you too think about...
The way you some of you guys speak about drugs on some of these posts really makes me wonder.
One thing you dont realise is the damage you have already done too yourselfs and to your brain For example the adverts they put in the magazines of a girl on pills with a guinee pigs head...thats not just to scare you.
In the area in which I live and the people I speak to are pretty much on drugs 24/7.
Its not a rough area but a wealthy one and the people I class as friends and workmates are all high fliers and if You worked in the city and I mentioned some names I sure you would know some of them.
Okay so drugs effects all warps of life and all age groups..Lets get this straight I am not telling you what to do but just tring to give you an idea...Yes I have taken and do take drugs but I am in control and am not just saying this but cant get hooked it is litterly imposible..
Okay heres the deal several of the popular guys are now losers because of drugs one guy got him self so far into det he robbed his parents and sold his car I class myself as a good friend and tried to get him off this but thus did he steel off me he now has no friends exept the guy whos pockets he lines with money or IOU slips..
Another friend of mine who I met more recciently is a manic depressive which is actually a side effect of speed wheather you take t all the time or just "once in a while to sociolise at parties" Doctors might not like to tell you this as a form of anphetaims is actual presribed to obese peolpe to help them lose weight...Dont belive me fine but I have medical records as proof of this. Cocaine Okay Guys here it is You know that chalky taste at the back of your mouth when you snort the charlie?? Chances are it is asprin or the dealers favorite...Hayfever tablets When mostly pure the charlie is smooth on your throat and doesnt taste like you have just licked the inside of an asprin bottle. And forget the "I rub it in my gums to see if they go numb" trick dealers are now mixing in a type of dental anestectic to make it feel like that sensation..So the chances are you just paid between thirty-five and fifty pound for a mix which is under 30% charlie and if you are really unlucky like a guy I know mixed with the white battery acid powder which forms when the battry gets wet not a pretty site..


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    Very true i'm sure, but what exactly is your point??

    SOME people don't realise the damage that drugs are doing to them, I think its mainly because they are not being damaged as much as you might think. Sure they are taking a pill at the weekend or in extreme case's (me a year ago) 10 -15 a weekend. When we are taking the ecstasy we feel like we are on top of the world but after we feel like shit. But because we feel like shit most of the time we are adjusted to it, so all we have to do is survive the week then when the weekend arrives we get a break from life <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif">. Then after a few months of this obsessive behaviour BAM it hits you! you lose the plot completely unable to converse properly and afraid of things, over sensitivity to some things and many other things (in my case anyway). If only I was warned (not with posters of brains and guinee pigs, but with an effective method)

    No drugs do as much damage as the gov would like us to believe. Cocaine one of the hardest drugs around if you take that once every 3 months say ain't gonna do shit harm to you. Its only addictive if done too much not after 5 sniffs or so. people with addictive personalitys are probably more prone to.

    Alcohol is a drug, alcohol will probably nay definatly cause more damage to people this year than any other recreational drug. But does the government put across warnings as "in your face" as the guinee pig advert/warning. No because they will lose more money on taxes. i'm not suggesting Alcohol should be illigal because we would be paying more taxes our selves or on other products. I think this is the attitude of most people and cannot be changed.

    I think a sensible solution would be for an infromation spree of all drugs from Kava Kava to LSA to LSD to Wild Dagga etc. (alot of these here... http://www.erowid.org/library/books_online/legal_highs/legal_highs.shtml )

    I believe If drugs became a part of our culture, the majority of people would be better off, because of uses for psychiatric healing, recreational use, ceremonys (weddings, funerals etc.) along other things.

    Now these probably is a bit here and there but you never actually asked anything inparticular.

    You say you do drugs, which ones how often.

    I think i agree with you in some ways. People

    "People say, 'We are losing the War on Drugs!' Well you know what that implies? There's a war going on, and the people on drugs are winning it!"
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    Ok hold up just to make it clear I am NOT critasing anyone had a big chat about this earier with spirit and Luka I take drugs cause I am a dick but am not addicted... Tops I take is Coke 3g a week, skunk 1/8oz a week, and a few drinks with friends at lunch time and a drink after work. All I was tring to do here is put a few facts out. When I read some of the posts and the people say, "I would love to take another line or pill" I just think WAKE UP and just think they need to know some facts...Thats all I didnt meen to offend.....
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    People DO understand what they are getting into though, you obvioulsy have no idea what the fuck you are going on about, you dont know how everyone who takes drugs feel and to say that you dont have an addictive personality is a pile of BS, try taking heroin everyday for a few weeks and then see if you can come off it!!!

    I know what your gonna say "i wouldnt do that though" but serioulsy you never know whats around the corner.
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    Ok we've had this convo a million times on here. look at

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    I agree we have had this conversation a million times on here but Im still gonna make my oppinion known, as I love to do <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif">!
    Firstly I think most people on here will agree that we r aware of the damage drugs can do and how shitty they can make your life if u get in too deep. I dont think there r many of us that dont no this and I think those of us who have chose to take drugs have done it knowingly and been well aware of the shitty side...we aint all ignorant drug users with no idea.
    Secondly, it definatly aint impossible to get hooked and Im living proof of that!I think it does depend a lot on your personality though, there r sopme people who get hooked easier than others. I have an addictive personality, and spend my whole life looking for some new fix...thats just me and I no its not hard (and wasnt hard) to get hooked. It can take a lot more for other people.
    Most of us r aware of the shit the scum bag dealers mix with drugs. I do have to say though, that in terms of purity u r more likely to get dodgy speed than coke...well thats what I beleive anyway. Speed is well known for being one of the most impure of powdered drugs.
    Lastly I just wanna point out that just coz some of us (ie me!) say we r dying for a line or a pill, u shouldnt just assume that we dont know the facts. I will always be dying for a line, purely coz I have gone from doin a huge quantity to nothing at all and to be blunt about it...u just cant stop and not look back when u have been in that deep. Not bein big headed here but I do no what Im talking about when it comes to drugs, so do a lot of other people on here, Ive been there myself so its not a case of me not knowing the facts!
    Phew, sorry to get all heated but I needed to say that.
    Over and out!!
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    i had enough trouble quitting smoking after 2 years at 10 a day, never mind bloody herion, i wouldn't have a prayer! what i'm saying trixibelle is that every drug is addictive to a different degree, even something seemingly harmless like nicotine.
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    Originally posted by Spirit:
    People DO understand what they are getting into though.

    How can you say that? you don't know what peoepl know. That is a very sweeping statment, There must be loads of different circumstances all with different resluts. I think younger people don't FULLY understand the concesquences of taking drugs. and if they did surely they wouldn't go so OTT on eating drugs. Even though with some, nay ALOT of young people it is so hard to tell them and in a lot of cases they won't listen and are going to find out themselves. Maybe i am saying this because it applied to me when i was young but whatever the reason young peoepl are still undereducated when it comes to drugs. I think one of the main reasons is what South Park said on one of there episodes the kids were learning about drugs and all the teacher said is
    "ermm Drugs are bad, You shouldn't do drugs cos... there Bayd, Hm'Kay?"
    This may be a joke on a cartoon but they have hit the nail on the head as far as the education is concerned (ok maybe its a bit exagerated). Teachers, Police and The government just aren't telling kids the right things, or they aren't giving reasons and when they do give reasons they might exagerate them so that kids hear elsewhere that there are half-truths and they then ignore more warnings.
    A lot of older peopel who "choose" to do drugs not through (peer pressure or curiosity) but through there own reasons, they already know about the drugs they are going to take because of people they know or reading up on drugs. But still i think there are a few people who still don't know what drugs can do to them.

    Ok heroin, I'm sure that is very addictive, and i'm not saying it is down to the personality for someone to get hooked on that. but as lolly said the personality must have some effect on the addiction to cocaine perhaps speeds up the time of getting hooked.
    i think an addictive personality certainly contributes the addiction of drugs which are not psychically addicting such as E or weed, maybe it is a dependence or something. some people can have an E every 3 weeks or more and some can't go a weekend without getting rubbered. and it is definatly the personality contributes to that, along with other issuse or whatever.

    Spirit you are implying that you are doing heroin? and that you can't quit it easly? So when you do finally cut it out of your life, do you think that you will start it up again even when you know how hard it is to quit? so i guess you could say that you didn't fully undersyand the consequences of heroin, and if you did then you might not of done it?
    by the by if you are try to quit heroin look on http://www.erowid.org and do a search for ibogaine as this is known on there to help with the cravings of heroin and morphine.

    "People say, 'We are losing the War on Drugs!' Well you know what that implies? There's a war going on, and the people on drugs are winning it!"
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    Think u have taken spirit the wrong way here...as far as I no she dont do heroin (do u?).
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    No i dont do heroin and i never would.

    Trixibelle said..............
    "Yes I have taken and do take drugs but I am in control and am not just saying this but cant get hooked it is litterly imposible.."

    I was just saying that she might not have an addictive personality but we all havent up to a certain point,

    how long have you been talking coke every week 4 trixibell?

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