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Help meeeeeeeee

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I'm not sure whats happened to me, but i appear to now be scared of everything.

I have loads of totally stupid fears, main ones being either shot or stabbed in the back, my brother being pushed infront of a train, or things exploding next to me. I used to wait at a bus stop with my back to a dark multi storey car park, and i got panic attacks when people walked behind me. I'm convinced someones gonna push my brother into a train, or hes gonna fall. I've got no idea where that ones come from, because i have an even younger sister and i don't worry with her, and i get really panicky at traffic lights, or in queues when i'm next to buses cos i'm convinced there gonna blow up. Sometimes i can not think about it, but other times it's so bad i can't breathe.

I know i already have an anxiety disorder, or social phobia. I find it difficult to walk through shopping centres because of the crowds (it's only shopping centres funnily enough!). That came out of nowhere, but it's getting better i think.

I've just turned into a nervous wreck. I jump when people talk to me, i jump when people touch me, i even jumped at my own reflection the other day.

I wanna sort it out before i go totally mad like. I've got no idea whats causing it, or how to sort it out. Is there any way i can make it better without going to the docs? I don't really want meds or anything.


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    you just have to think logically, whats the likelyhood of all that stuff happening? I get those kinds of things all the time like if someones coming towards me im like "is he gonna mug me?". Could just mean you startle easily.
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