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Me and my big mouth

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arrrhghg - I don't know what to do.

I just told one of our senior management teams that one of our advisory committe overseas fancies a member of staff overseas which is why he is pushing for her to get a big promotion - which we really don't think she is suitable for.

However the bad thing is that the overseas director told me (and my line manager who is currently acting director) that this advisory committee member had told the staff member in question that he really fancied her and wanted to have an affair with her - she turned him down and they are still reallllly friendly - always going out for dinners to discuss work and I kind of told everyone that was how I knew he had a thing for her.

Basically even though the senior person I told in the UK says i've done nothing wrong - I still feel really bad as it could all just be gossip or I could have imagined it (though i'm sure i didn't they are really close and i've been out to dinner with them and observed for myself)

But also becuase we allowed him to go ahead and be appointed an influential position knowing this their relationship, and because it reflects badly on all involved - I don't want to get them all into trouble I was just trying to analyze who was behind this sudden push for promotion and it kind of came out.

Its all a bit crap lately - there is lots more other not so good stuff going on and i'm worried everyone could end up loosing thier jobs over this and the whole programme go into melt down.


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    I don't really get it, and don't get wht you did wrong, a bit of harmless gossip, maybe? Unless I've missed something vital, just keep your head down and hope it blows over?
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    I don't think its particually my fault - but apparently the point at which we were told by this person's line manager it became more formal?

    Who know's - I'm not going to get into trouble but I just feel that I might have made an already bad situation even worse.
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