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Can you get std's without sex?

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hi to you all, im new (my first post)
Can you get a std or sdi without having sex? ive read you cant and that they can only be caught after having unprotected sex (or failure of condom ect) but then if this is so how did the diseases arrive i mean someone had to have it in the beginning otherwise how did it spread if it wasnt there? Also i am a bit worried as im a virgin at 15, male and ive never had any kind of sex besides kissing, i always wanted to wait till i meet the right person, anyway i think i might have an std is that possible?
plz give advice
I seem to have yellow like spots (some with sum black tips), there not painful at all but in certain areas there seem to be loads and ive had them for years. i know i should see a doctor but im too scared and dont want my parents to know.


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