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So finally after 7 years of badgering, Ive got an appointment with the consultant Neurologist next week, My question is what sort of things should I take with me? Or what should I ask him? Basically what can I expect?

Its for Migraines btw :)


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    Make sure you take what they ask for, don't worry too much about anything else (maybe your appointment card?)

    When I went about 5 years ago they wanted to test my balance so they made me do lots of different tests with regard to that - nowt that involved needles, scans or whatever - perception things like walking in a straight line, balancing on one foot and other such things. I can't remember fully as it was a long time ago though but it was nothing scary :)
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    If you have any questions, it might be helpful to jot them down beforehand so you don't forget to ask them in the consulting room. Make sure you get him/her to explain what they find/think is wrong and explain what it means.

    Fpr migraines, they'll be asking about your headaches and aura and other symptoms that you may or may not get. They'll want to rule out other causes of chronic headache and advise you on the best treatment. Maybe they'll give you a new medication or change the drugs you're currently taking.

    Seeing a neurologist is no different from seeing a GP. They just like to think they're a bit cleverer. ;)
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