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So I'm running for ASB school treasurer

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and I think I have my campaign and speech pretty well thought up but the problem is is that every year the canidates enter the gym to present their speech in a flashy manner. so basically I need ideas for a really cool and plausible entrance thats funny/cool but not to overdone and doesn't make it look like I'm tyring to hard. any ideas? I'm having trouble comign up with something and I need some creative inspiration. thanks alot everyone! :cool:


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    i think it would all be about promotion. what will catch votes at school is a fascinating psycohological experiment - that which i'd like to think as my experteese.

    what's your reputation like at school. cos i think here the biggest impact you could make is by having people turn up to hear your speach at all. if you are really cut out for the job it should just shine through without glitz and glamour. you could do a powerpoint presentation which i tend to think are very boring and limimted. but if you do use one please keep the pace high. and don't use the sliding on screen one just have a fade in fade out. i think psychologically that makes your pres more appealing beacuse it connotes:
    'you didn't know me before today i just appeared, but im here to stay!'

    remember its a presentation so keeping people interested is very important. provided you deliver the speech well people will listen and you wont find it difficult to move on very quickly through a power point presentation or to talk more quickly than you might have imagined.

    i think really you've either got it or you're second prize

    i don't know but tell me more about the structure of youre school and the whole meeting and i can definatly help ya more.
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    I helped the campain for a friend who was running for vice president or something at uni last year. It's probably different coz these elections are basically a popularity competition.

    He made up his flyers with a picture of himself smiling at the top, the position he was going for, where and when to vote, and the bullet points of his main aims. Then enlisted us (the cheerleaders) and the boys (the sports lads) to approach people, ask them if they knew about the elections, hand out flyers and smile at people.

    For election night we (4 girls from the dance society) made up a song and dance about him for his intro. We rushed to the stage area and sang the song, then he walked on and introduced himself. Our outfits and pom pons were in colours but I can't remember what their significance was- either matching his poster colour campaign or er.. ok blonde moment. Anyway, then we did a cheerleading routine with the final chant being "Vote Sammi". He then made a speech- when he paused between his main points we gave a cheer and leap. Whenever his name was mentioned by the MC, the sports boys gave manly cheers.

    He won. Job Done.

    If you need a more low key idea, gimme a few details about what you're standing for, contents of speech, the general tone (solumn, fun etc..) of the event. Who is in the audience. What is your space- a hall, a stage? What elements relevant to your speech are popular with your audience? What groups are popular with the audience- do they have a major passion for the cricket team or anything?

    Have you made any posters or hand outs? How have you written your speech- is it bullet pointed? have you made it interesting to listen to? perhaps with humour, dry wit, referencing topical events etc.

    What is the school moto? What are the colours? Who are the/any famous alumni?

    Er, what is an ABS school treasurer hope I don't have the wrong end of the stick about what kind of campaign you need...
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