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Uni Interview Help!!!!!

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I applied for English and Creative Writing & Performing Arts at a uni.
I recieved a letter inviting me to an interview/audition. I'm not too concerned about the interview part, however I have no idea about what to do for the practical audition part. The uni gave a specification, please read on and please please please help!!!

'For the practical workshop we request that you prepare a fragment of physical theatre performance lasting no more than 30 seconds. Please use the phrase "Nobody said it would be this easy/nobody said it would be this hard/so do, do, do I really want to?" as a starting point. The sequence must not use spoken words but may use vocal and/or other sounds created by the performer. Use of costume, props, recorded sounds etc is strictly unnecessary in this activity.'

Any ideas welcome!


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Er...use your own ideas as that is what the university wants, not ours.

    After all, the university won't be handing out degrees to us now will it (unless of course we enrol...)
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