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Do not know what road to take....

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Hi, I'm hoping that by posting someone would be able to give me some advise wheather or not they have been in the same position, if not then maybe someone knows the law better than I do and can (as mentioned) advise.

I have been living with my partner for 6 years, we are not married, we have a son aged 6.

For the past 2 years my partner has been going really silly with tablets, taking to many and ended back and forth to the hospital with ulcers and doctors, she is currently seeing a physicatrist which I have been going with her for support. (1st ulcer she lost 6-7 units of blood and nearly died, cut me up then but now its a frequent thing)
Well for me I know I cannot do anything that I have not done allready
its starting affecting our son, he found his Mum on the floor having a fit and made me realise when is this going to stop (this was by taking to many of prescribed tablets), we have broken up so many times because of her actions but now I cannot take it anymore. (tried so hard)

I have doctors/hospital records/physicatrist who are aware of the problems, I have been told I stand a very good chance getting full custody of our son.
anyone else been in this position ? and had any luck? I am very concerned of my sons saftey!!!! this surely cannot be ignored. (especially finding tablets under his wardrobe to hide them from me)

we have a joint mortgage, I work full time and pay at least 80% of the mortgage (in fact all but her money from her part time job goes on fags and shopping, oh and tablets) so my question is:

Do I have a chance of winning my percentage back (80%)...

More to this story but I would like to start with that

Thanks for reading

I would like to say I am not a person who has ignored her illness, its just how much can a person take before something bad happens


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    You need proper legal advice. If the mortgage is held jointly, the house will be split equally afaik.

    What help is she getting? She needs more.
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    My partner lets everything be done for her, she is not a person who can do things on her own, I and her mother has done a lot.
    The answer is I am unsure as the seperation as started, she told me yesterday that the doctor says she has manic deppresion, I believe she will continue to see the physicatrist but the last time we went together I asked what are they doing as we both thought we were there to find out whats causing the problem, when in fact its another unit/physicastrist she needs to see - I STATED I THINK ITS BEST WE GO THERE THEN as here its more of a watch her mood swings on day to day life rather than get down to the bottom of the problem.

    Her doctor is aware that after the last visit she took 21 depression tabs in 7 days (surpose to take 1 a day) she lied to him and then he found out because I told him for her saftey.


    afaik ? what does that mean (afraid)

    What more help can she get ?
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